Teacher Appreciation with a Luxurious Spa Gift :)

Good Afternoon! We’ve been thinking about Teachers and how “Teacher Appreciation Week” is great but just isn’t enough. Just like Moms, Teachers should be appreciated all year long. So we decided to write this post and invite parents to comment with teachers from their kids’ schools who they think deserve a luxuriuous, pampering spa gift from 1800baskets.com.

We will randomly pick a few teachers and then send them one of our luxurious spa gifts! We will also hand write each teacher a letter (signed by our entire company) showing our appreciation for their dedication to teaching.


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19 Responses to “Teacher Appreciation with a Luxurious Spa Gift :)”

  1. paula kapelski Says:

    well Mrs.Connolly has taught all of my kids except my 3 yr old. 5 kids! she is the best kindergarden teacher anyone would could ask for. Any time my kids need anything she has been there! My kids love her so much and so do I im crying just writing this. She has done so much for my family words cant describe she deserves this and much more! thank you for having this chance to show her how much we care paula kapelski family @paulakap8 on twitter

  2. Serena Says:

    Sr. Mary Lou, Miss Kelly and Miss Donna made this a great first year for our son at his new school. They helped him thru the first few weeks of transitioning from Montessori to traditional pre-k and even though he’ll be across the quad next year in Kindergarten, they’ll have my little one for the next 2 years. Sr. Mary Lou has been the pre-school/k teacher at our school for over 15 years and we’ve tickled we can be part of her continuing legacy of teaching.

  3. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

    I am writing about Ms. Molinaro. She has taught my daughter and two of my grand daughters. She is going to retire this year and the school district has a pair of very large shoes to fill. Ms. Molinaro was such a wonderful help to the parents group at the elementary school. To all of the students whom she taught the wonderful memories of being in her classroom are a small part of her legacy. All of her current and former students, staff and fellow teachers will miss her.

  4. Michelle Grabowski Says:

    My son has had the same teacher for the past 2 years. She teaches 1 & 2 Grade. She is a wonderful teacher who has made school an exciting place to learn. I know she truly cares for the children she teaches and I would love to see her honored! Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. Shannon Flora Says:

    If i could choose to appreciate a teacher i would pick My 7yr old daughter’s teacher Mrs.Zabrina,with one of the luxurious spa gifts!She has been so good to my daughter and is always working hard to help her.As a single mother of 4,i couldnt afford tutoring for my daughter this year,Mrs.Zabrina stepped up and tutors my daughter for free on her days off.My daughter has improved so much since she has been helping.I also would choose her because she sponsored a adopt a family event for low-income families this past Christmas and brought the family a mini van to get to school and back.She goes over and beyond helping everyone and it would just be so great to give her something in return.Thanks for giving me a chance!

  6. Laurie Diaz Says:

    My son has a learning disability and Mrs. Morse gives my son the best education she can. Although he does go to other classes, she spends extra time with my son to insure he is as close to grade level as he can be. End of grade testing was a struggle for my son, but Mrs. Morse set up a special place and test for my son and helped him for weeks before the testing started. She really is a wonderful teacher and in my book deserves something wonderful for the wonderful things she does for her students. I have never seen a teacher brought to tears of joy for anything. (I have 4 kids and 2 have graduated) But Mrs Morse gets so happy when she sees an accomplishment with my son. I wish everyone had Mrs Morse for their children. She even calls or emails me when my son is out sick to make sure he is ok. (he has hearing disability with the learning delay and has had several surgeries) I could go on and on. Please consider Mrs Morse for a basket. 🙂

  7. Crystal Allen Says:

    I am nominating my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. DePrater. Mrs. DePrater goes overboard when it comes to her kids. She is a very caring and involved teacher who enjoys what she does.
    Our last day of school is this Thursday and the kids are starting to bring home their end of the year treasures. Mrs. DePrater sent home a box for each of her 10 students that held memories from the year. As I shuffled through the box I found pictures of my daughter from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, 50’s day at school, 100 days of school party.. There were so many neat items in the box and she made one for each student. I knew that the kids enjoy her class and I knew that my daughter was learning a lot but I didn’t realize how much she was doing hands on until I went through her box. I have taken a picture of her treasures and will post them on your facebook page. I would love for you to take a peek into my daughter’s classroom. Her teachers website is http://www.piratedee.webs.com/ click on photos of our classroom at the top left. There are almost 200 pictures of pure fun and education on her website. Mrs. DePrater is definately teaching her students that “Learning is FUN!”
    I am happy that I am able to express my Thank YOU to Mrs. DePrater by posting on your blog. Teachers do a hard job and it’s great that you are taking the time to recognize them.

  8. John Stasik Says:

    My daughter is in the 5th grade and her teacher, Ms. Lindsey Martz, is a first year teacher, fresh out of college. Her enthusiasm is tremendous! She takes a lot of guff from many of the parents of her students because she’s kinda green, but she doesn’t let it dampen her spirits. As the father of a teacher to be (my oldest is looking for a … See Moreteaching job right now, fresh out of college), I can and do sympathize with her. I have told the other parents to give her a break cause she’s trying mighty hard and the kids LOVE HER! This would be just the thing to say “Great Job” and show her how much she’s appreciated!!

  9. 1800baskets Says:

    choosing a winner in the next few minutes!

  10. 1800baskets Says:

    hi correction, we will actually be selecting 3 teachers! will post shortly the winning teachers who we will send a luxurious 1800baskets.com spa gift and hand written letter from our entire staff as a thank you their dedication to teaching. And by the way, this is not a one time thing. We will be celebrating teachers throughout the whole year (as they should be)!

  11. 1800baskets Says:

    hi all, sorry for the wait. so the 3 teachers who will get pampered with a Spa gift from 1800baskets are…..(oh also a and hand written letter from our entire staff as a thank you their dedication to teaching)

    #1: Sr. Mary Lou (nominated by Serena)
    #2: Ms. Molinaro (nominated by Vicki Chrzanowski)
    #3: Ms. Lindsey Martz (nominated by John Stasik)

  12. 1800baskets Says:

    btw, a link to our line of pampering Spa gifts from 1800baskets.com


  13. 1800baskets Says:

    oh and as always, chosen with random.org

  14. amanda moline Says:

    My old teacher Mrs.Woodward was a wonderful teacher, she would take time out of her day( even her lunch! ) to help students who were falling behind. She not only cared as a teacher but she also became a pretty good friend to me, She was always there when i needed some advice or just needed to get away from the stress of life and talk! I was so grateful to have her as a teacher, and even after i was done with her class she made it known i was welcome to stop by anytime to talk 🙂

  15. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

    Ms. Jackie Molinaro
    Taylor Parks Elementary School
    20614 Pinecrest
    Taylor, Mi 48180


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