Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes

Featured in InStyle magazine! Decadent. Rich. Indulgent. We’re not talking about Hollywood A-listers. we’re talking about the most incredibly scrumptuous cupcakes you’ll ever taste (though celebrities do love’em). Tell us what you like about these delicious cupcakes!
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67 Responses to “Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes”

  1. Jenny Kaenrath Says:

    These look so good, my friend is always bragging about these and I would love to tell her I won some LOL. Now that would be awesome! I love cupcakes!

  2. Miranda Johnson Says:

    I’m here. Couldn’t wait! lol


    Miranda Johnson

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  3. amanda moline Says:

    i love the wonderful flavors 🙂 the banana peanut butter sounds delicous : )

  4. Jill Hayes Says:

    Thanks for the quick fun contest…..and now I’m so hungry, I’m ready to eat my arm!!! LOL

    Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks!!

  5. Tamara B. Says:

    It’s my birthday as of 12:01, I was born at that time on May 22 🙂

  6. herbert moshell Says:

    I love how soft and delicous they look….You can tell a product is good if they look so delicious in picture

  7. Alicia Howell Says:

    Mmmmm mmm mmmm! 😀 I love the fact they’re coated with chocolate ;D

  8. Janice Says:

    InStyle magazine summed it up well: Decadent. Rich. Indulgent. 🙂 I mean, just look at those cupcakes!!

  9. Deborah Curran Says:

    Oh, they sound so wonderful – decadent – yummy! Hope I win

  10. Sharon Howell Says:

    I’ve never tried them but they look delicious. I’d love to sample them and tell everyone just how good they are!

  11. Diana Says:


  12. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    Well, these were certainly worth waiting for! They look delicious. Thanks for the late-night giveaway.

  13. Lujene G. Clark Says:

    My parent just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary on May 18th. They LOVE cupcakes. Would love to win some for them. Plus, my birthday was May 7th.

  14. Pamela Hansen Says:

    I love that their our three of each flavor included in the one of each for me, one of each for my mom, and one of each for my daughter who became a mom 10 months ago!

  15. Kimberly Ciesla Says:

    They look like sugar and spice and everything nice! I could use a sweet pick me up right about now;)

  16. lifeonprint Says:

    What I like about them? THEY ARE CUPCAKES!!! Who doesn’t love a moist,delicious, frosted little cake wrapped in a riddle and rolled in a dream!!! 😉
    Onlly thing I like better thank a great a cupcake that I win!!! Woot!

    oh..I really kinda like cupcakes!! 😛 ❤


    Lifeonprint Cindy H….

  17. Debra Banks Says:

    I like the way they look. They’re not plain-they look fancy! They look like they live up to the description-definitely something to ruin my diet over!!!

  18. Diane Says:

    Oh my gosh these things are jam packed full of toppings. Scrumptious!!! *drool* Now, I am craving them with a glass of milk. Midnight snack…..!

  19. Dina Says:

    OK just the pictures of the cupcakes alone are making me drool. I haven’t had a cupcake for a long time. I might dream of some Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes tonight! 🙂 Yum!

  20. Deborah Curran Says:

    I”m getting hungry just looking at them! I’d love to try the most incredibly scrumptuous cupcakes ever

  21. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    Was it just a coincidence that I received an email about these great-looking cupcakes while we were waiting for you to post the blog?

  22. Jerry Lafferty Says:

    Nuts and sprinkles, They look so delish, My mouth is watering. If the celebs like that means my poor pocket book would love them!

  23. Henley Says:

    they look delicious!! 🙂

  24. Jill Hayes Says:

    Cupcakes are one of my favorite things…..why are there only 4 comments here? This is the right place to post right?

  25. Tami Haugtvedt Says:

    These look incredibly yummy!!! Thanks for the chance to win….

  26. Amy G. Says:

    I love cupcakes, but am VERY picky. These look amazing and if they are as tasty as they look, I might have to order a bunch up for my wedding next month!

  27. Jeffrey Says:

    These look soooo good….. mmmmm I could go for one right now!

  28. Mary C. Says:

    I love how decadent they look. The three different kinds are my favorite: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. They are making my mouth water right now. The toppings will make them extra delicious. Really would like to be a winner!

  29. Kristen Eby Says:

    These look awesome…DS just graduated today and these would be a great tasty treat for all of us. Thanks for the giveaway

  30. Miranda Johnson Says:

    Have been craving chocolate. These cupcakes look so good. Hannah and I were thinking of making chocolate cake. If I win we won’t have to. 😉


    Miranda Johnson

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  31. Jill Hayes Says:

    Cupcakes, cupcakes, nummy, nummy, for my tummy! Thanks for the fun contest!

  32. kevin wilson Says:

    These look so delicious i’d love to try these sometime.

  33. ania Says:

    Perfect treat for the last day of school for a teacher 😉 and for students :-). I would like to win these mouth-watering cupcakes to share with kids and other teachers 🙂 fingers crossed!

  34. Deborah Curran Says:

    I love the flavors
    # Banana Peanut Butter – Fresh banana cake with sweet peanut butter frosting and salty crushed peanuts
    # Chocolate caramel – Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Caramel Frosting
    # Double chocolate – Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
    and the fact that the recipes are handed down by Grandma seems to make it even more special.

  35. 1800baskets Says:


  36. 1800baskets Says:

    40 SECONDS!

  37. 1800baskets Says:

    20 SECONDS!

  38. 1800baskets Says:


  39. Tamara B. Says:

    They are so beautiful! One of kind made with much love, look light fluffy with icing that tempt you beyond your imagination 🙂

  40. Michelle C Says:

    Oh My they all look so yummy, but banana peanut butter?? Damn I want one

  41. Sheila Says:

    Can’t wait to taste your cup cakes. They look so delicious.

  42. 1800baskets Says:


    Jeffrey Says: May 22, 2010 at 5:21 am | Reply edit
    These look soooo good….. mmmmm I could go for one right now!

    He wins the “Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes 9 ct”!

  43. Miranda Johnson Says:

    But I’m still hungry! lol.

    Congrats Jeffrey!

  44. Jerry Lafferty Says:


  45. Deborah Curran Says:

    congrats Jeffry – time for bed

  46. Ellen Beck Says:

    They looks so yummy- they are making me hungry NOW! 🙂

  47. Tamara B. Says:

    Congrats Jeffery!

  48. Debra Banks Says:

    Congrats Jeffrey and goodnight all!!

  49. lifeonprint Says:

    yayness! Congrats to JEFFREY!

  50. Ellen Beck Says:

    Congrats Jeffry!!! Just saw-was kinda late !

  51. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, thanks for participating! As always, you are all great sports and that is why we love you and continue to want to do these giveaways. Good night all. Sleep well.

  52. 1800baskets Says:

    And Jeffrey, congratulations again. These are seriously good cupcakes. Not kidding. You see the Banana Peanut Butter one in the front of the picture, to this day, basketeers at take a moment of quiet silence after taking a bite of it.


    I consider cupcakes contraband…they should be illegal, yet they make your mouth dance! YUM!!


    Congrats to Jeffrey!

    Hopefully they will give a little more time for everybody to enter – didn’t even get an hour but I KNOW you will LOVE these!! YUM YUM in the TUM!

  55. 1800baskets Says:

    Jeffrey, u there?

  56. 1800baskets Says:


  57. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi Jeffrey, thanks we received your address. We will send the Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes out shortly. Will confirm once shipped.

  58. Jeffrey Says:

    Sorry guys. I was away from the computer yesterday because of bad weather in the area. (I thought april was over?) haha well anyway thank you for all the congrats my fellow 1800 baskets friends! 🙂

  59. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi Jeffrey, we just shipped out the “Perfect Endings® Premier Cupcakes”. They will arrive on 5/27 (Thursday). Enjoy! If you get the chance, we would love to hear what you think about them on our Facebook Fan Page. Enjoy!

  60. victoria lester Says:

    I love chocolate and love chocolate sprinkles on cupcakes. I enjoy making cupcakes and the miniture ones go over really well at parties. I can see why InStyle Magazine captured these little delights.

  61. Kristen Eby Says:

    so if they don’t claim them in like 48 hours, will you draw other winners? Hoping and salivating!

  62. Renee' Simmons Says:

    Wow! These are heavenly!

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