Get Well Party!! Have a friend who’s on the mend? Try the “Friend on the Mend Doctor’s House Call Kit”

Friend on the Mend Doctor's House Call Kit

Friend on the Mend Doctor's House Call Kit

Doctors don’t make housecalls anymore, but we do! Send a friend who’s on the mend this adorable doctor’s bag full of tasteful remedies for whatever ails them. They’ll love the selection of get well fast gifts like a cute nurse cookie and a frosted bandage cookie, tried and true Campbell’s® Chicken Noodle Soup, delicious Cheryl&Co.® chocolate chip cookies, Twinings® Herbal Tea, a sweet honey straw, a word seek activity book and much more!

Let us know what you think about this new gift basket that our talented Product Designers created inside our Melrose Park, IL Design Room! We’ll randomly pick 1 person who posts a comment below and send this new creation to them or directly to their friend who’s on the mend!

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83 Responses to “Get Well Party!! Have a friend who’s on the mend? Try the “Friend on the Mend Doctor’s House Call Kit””

  1. Jenny Kaenrath Says:

    I love this!! This makes me want to get sick so I can get one! Just playing I don’t want to get sick but if I was sick this sure would make me feel a lot better. What an awesome idea baskets!!!!!!!

  2. 1800baskets Says:

    “Friend on the Mend Doctor’s House Call Kit”

  3. Sara P. Says:

    SO CUTE!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Summer Says:

    I think its very cute too. It would bring a smile to their face. 🙂

  5. Serena Says:

    Love this–and I just threw out my back this afternoon so I’m on the mend!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      serena, on the mend indeed! serena is in the running! hehe sorry sounds like we’re excited about you throwing your back out..hope you feel better and now you have a chance at this get well gift basket!

  6. Heather Says:

    Awwwww thats so sweet and creative! Such a great idea for those on the mend..or with a broken hip! My mom would love that!

  7. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She is having a slow recovery form childbirth (because of a hematoma). The chicken noodle soup is classic (every good Jewish mother knows) and my daughter loves tea. I’d probably make her share the cookies with me. and, the activity book would get her mind off her ailment(s). This is an adorable gift basket, with all the right things to help someone feel better.

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Natalie, we wish your daughter a good recovery. indeed every good Jewish mother does know that! yeah the activity book we really wanted to have in there from the very beginning. getting your mind off the health problem your dealing for some time is so very important and we really wanted something for that. By the way Congratulations on the GrandKid!

  8. Andrea Says:

    This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs cheering up.

  9. Jennifer Moore Says:

    That is awesome would love to win it

  10. Ty Says:

    This is a wonderful idea! My husband would love it, as he is ill at the moment. A get well gift is a thoughtful way to show someone you care.

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Ty, hope your husband recovers quickly. Thanks, glad u liked the get well gift basket idea. 🙂 Yes, we’ve always felt get well gifts should have that special touch that says you care and you are thinking about them. We hope really hope this gift basket accomplishes just that.

  11. Danielle Pontow Says:

    I love this.. what a cute idea and when the patient is well, the bag would be fun for a kid to play “doctor”. Great idea again 1800 baskets.. Love it

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Danielle! Great idea! We are actually printing your comment out right now and bringing to our Design Room. We love to hear comments and feedback like that. That actually never crossed our minds, but now looking at it, it’s such a good idea. Would you mind if we mentioned this in our description for the product and have you name next to it? i.e “One of our customers – Danielle Pontow – Says” or something similar. Good thinking Danielle!

  12. Michelle Carter Says:

    I love this. I can see this bringing a smile to many faces. I would love to win this for my friend’s mom who just got home from the hospital after falling and breaing her hip.

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Michelle, sorry to hear about your friend’s Mom! Breaking your hip is a very painful event to have happen. We hope she recovers quickly. Oh if you win, we’ll ship it right to your friend’s mom if you want!

  13. Kailey Says:

    Are those bandaid cookies?! So cute! What a cute idea! I bet we could put that to good use here. Everyone seemed to catch the stomache bug and now are on the mend. Very sweet idea! Love the little dr’s trunk

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Yes indeedy they are! We were thinking about doing that for a while, but were working on how to make them look just right! Cute though huh?! Oh and yeah the doctor’s trunk was so fun to design. Btw, see the great idea by Danielle Pontow above!

  14. Janice Says:

    Aw, that is such a cute idea! And complete with a doctor’s bag! 🙂 Good way of cheering any one up!

  15. amanda moline Says:

    oh i love this! it would be perfect for in the hospital while i heal up from my surgery!

  16. Heather Stevens Says:

    This is a fabulous idea! I love it!

  17. monica carbajosa Says:

    This would be perfect for my Mom! She fractured her hand on Mother’s Day 😦 She spent most of the afternoon in the ER

  18. Laurie Diaz Says:

    I just had surgery, does that warrant any sympathy…LOL

  19. Jennifer Moore Says:

    how do you guys pick the winners

  20. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    What a great idea of a basket! Another well done one 🙂 You guys come up with some awesome looking baskets!

  21. Cindy Says:

    Love it! This would be great for my Dad!

  22. Deborah Curran Says:

    what a great gift! So many times we know someone getting chemo treatment and don’t know what to do – this basekt would definitely put a smile on their face! Great idea

  23. monica carbajosa Says:

    Yes we did! 🙂

  24. james allen Says:

    what a great idea! i have a friend who is in need of a Get Well Basket. The Friend on the Mend Doctor’s House Call Kit would do the trick!

  25. Shannon Flora Says:

    I have a good freind that just came home from the hospital,she’s bed bound and in so much pain.I think a cute basket would cheer her up.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Tamara B. Says:

    I jsut love the basket! It is very cheerful and everything to make anyone feel better. The nurse cookie is too funny 🙂 My son has been so sick with bronchitis poor thing it is his last year in middle school before heading off to high school and has missed most of the parties. Very bummed young man 😦

    • 1800baskets Says:

      hi tamara, hope your son feels better soon. please pass along our good luck wishes for him in high school. oh so yeah isn’t the nurse cookie cute?! we love creating designs like that. our design room goes through so many phases in our design process that we get to explore all sorts of options and put on our creative hats.

  27. LissaL Says:

    This is such a great basket. I feel good just looking at it! That nurse cookie is the cutest! I would love to send this to my hubby. He has been fighting allergies / cold-n-cough the past couple of weeks. Yet he drives an hour & 1/2 round trip to work everyday. He needs and so deserves little extra TLC

  28. mary rodowicz Says:

    Ty for the chance to win!! Would love to win this for my Mom who hasnt been feling well for sometime now 😦 Im sure this would cheer her up!! Following on twitter as “alongcamemary1” fan on facebook “Mary Rodowicz”…Mary 😉

  29. ania Says:

    The greatest healing therapy is the 1800basket!

  30. Kristen Eby Says:

    I would fake being sick just to get my hands on this basket! Thanks for the chance!

  31. 1800baskets Says:


  32. 1800baskets Says:


  33. 1800baskets Says:


  34. 1800baskets Says:


  35. 1800baskets Says:


  36. 1800baskets Says:

    (SQRT(144) – 2) SECONDS LEFT…

  37. Lisa Carr Says:

    I know I’m too late, but, what a great, unique idea!

  38. 1800baskets Says:


  39. mary rodowicz Says:

    keeping fingers crossed 😉

  40. 1800baskets Says:


  41. 1800baskets Says:


    We are sending you an email right now..

  42. mary rodowicz Says:

    Wow!! Ty soooo much!! I think this will definetly cheer up my Mom!! Thx again!! Mary 😉

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Mary, Congratulations! We just sent you an email. Btw, if you want, we can ship it directly to your Mom with your message. Let us know. Thanks. (Oh make sure to reply to the email you want with your address, as opposed to posting it here. Just for your privacy sake. Thx.) Congratulations! We can’t wait for you Mom to receive the basket! We really hope this Get Well Gift Basket will cheer her up.

      • 1800baskets Says:

        Hi Mary, Congratulations! We just sent you an email. Btw, if you want, we can ship it directly to your Mom with your message. Let us know. Thanks. (Oh make sure to reply to the email with the address you want to send to, as opposed to posting it here. Just for your privacy sake. Thx.) Congratulations! We can’t wait for you Mom to receive the basket! We really hope this Get Well Gift Basket will cheer her up.

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Mary,
      Hi Mary, sorry for the delay. We just shipped out the “Friend on the Mend Doctor’s House Call Kit” to your address. It will arrive on 6/8 (Tuesday). 🙂

      We hope your Mom feels better. You mentioned that she hasn’t being feeling well for some time. Please pass along our warm wishes for her recovery. And after she enjoys the gift basket, you both can enjoy watching your daughter use it as a Dr. Bag!

      Take Care and Welcome to the Family.

  43. LissaL Says:

    Congrats Mary! and thanks to 1800baskets for the opportunity to win!

  44. Charlotte Says:

    This is the perfect basket for my sweetie who is not feeling well.

  45. Karin Says:

    This is one of the best yet! Love it…

  46. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy Says:

    Cute basket! You’ve certainly covered all sorts of illnesses and I would love to send this to one of my friends.

    Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

  47. Ann A Says:

    Such a really Cute idea and basket! I will be sick if I don’t win it. 😉

  48. Dawn Says:

    Wow! That is so cute! What a great idea!!!

  49. Kathy Rice Says:

    Wow, just tried for the pretzels and didn’t realize there was a party for this one as well. Hoping I can win this one to bring to a cousin who is in the hospital, battling another setback due to cancer. Think this might be a perfect pick me up for her.

  50. Angela Says:

    Is it too late already??? I was just recently posted, I hope I can win!

  51. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    Congrats Mary!

  52. Melissa Says:

    This is adorable! Congrats Mary!

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