1800Baskets.com Gift Baskets Party!

Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman's Favorite Snacks Gift Basket

Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman's Favorite Snacks

Let us know what you think about our gift baskets in terms of presentation and value. We welcome positive or negative comments. Seriously. 🙂 We’ll randomly pick 1 person who posts gift baskets feedback below and send a gift basket created with our Melrose Park, IL Design Room!

For example, the gift basket featured here in the picture. What do you think about it. Let us know about this gift basket but also our entire line of gift baskets. Here is a link to our Gift Baskets Collection

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71 Responses to “1800Baskets.com Gift Baskets Party!”

  1. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    Of all your gift baskets I’ve seen so far, this is the one I’d like to have the most. My son loves to go fishing. He won’t even eat fish–but, he’s always liked to go; and, if he doesn’t catch any fish, he is so disappointed (because he thinks he needs to bring home some fish for me). anyway, this is a great theme and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is interested in fishing. Great presentation.

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Natalie, guess what? You are the first to comment on this blog post, so you just won the gift basket featured above! i.e the “Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks” Gift Basket!

      We just sent you an email, please reply to that email with your address and we will ship it out as soon as possible!


    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Natalie, received your email reply with your address. We just shipped out the “Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks” Gift Basket. It will arrive on 6/16 (Wednesday). Enjoy. 🙂

  2. Jennifer C. Says:

    I am a huge fan of your gift baskets. I feel like presentation is always the most important part. I love that you include a variety of products in each basket and giving a basket is a great value for the money. I really love the basket featured in the Fisherman’s Basket. It’s fun that the baskets can be used over again and again, and each time it is used, you think of the giver of the basket! The only thing I would change it the basket above are the coffee mugs. Most men have a few already, and once they have a favorite, it’s all over for any new items. I would love to see it replaced with another snack or even a small cutting board or knife for the sausage set. A floating key chain could be cute, or Croakies for your sunglasses would also be useful!

    My dad is a huge fisherman! He caught his largest catch a few weeks ago, which was a 40lb. catfish! He would love the basket!

  3. Dina Says:

    Your baskets are unique because they contain a variety of products and are presented in such a beautiful way. I’d feel good about sending any of your baskets as a gift because they are elegant and are great for any occasion.

    The Summer Bing Cherry box looks divine! Are they Michigan cherries? That’s such a healthy gift!

    I really like the Harney & Sons Organic Tea Gift set and the Father’s Day Farmstand Finest Fruit gift basket. I would love to see more organic and natural gift baskets available. It would also be a good idea to have a gift basket available for people with celiac disease. You could have gluten free treats and fruit in a basket.

  4. Sara P. Says:

    I can not even begin to tell you how much my dad would LOVE this basket!!

    I love your baskets!! The are fairly priced and have lots of goodies in them! 🙂

  5. Jenny Kaenrath Says:

    I really like your baskets, they are very unique and you guys always have great ideas. I have gotten a basket from you before and the guality is very nice. I think the prices are very reasonalbe too. I highly recommend 1800baskets to anyone.

  6. Andrea Says:

    I think this is a really cute basket. My husband got a new boat, so this would be a great gift for him!

  7. Bessie Burnsed Says:

    I just love it… The fishermans basket sound like the perfect fathers day gift for my man, JD.

    @BessieBurnsed you can find my twitter

    BessieLBurnsed@aol.com … hook me up so I can hook him up.

    and I love your pretzels and candies…

  8. Bessie Burnsed Says:

    Orchard Fresh Fruit & Snacks Gift Basket is one of my faves.

    I just love it… The fishermans basket sound like the perfect fathers day gift for my man, JD.

    @BessieBurnsed you can find my twitter

    BessieLBurnsed@aol.com … hook me up so I can hook him up.

    and I love your pretzels and candies…

  9. Tony Tran Says:

    Initially i thought the gummy worms are a little out of place, but then i realized the theme was fishing, so it works out!
    Looks like a great gift basket for someone who loves fishing!

  10. Kathy Says:

    I love the basket. It’s a nice arrangement with a good number of items (not overly filled, and not skimpy). I think my favorite though is the Starbucks Break Time Gift Basket. As an avid coffee drinker, I love that it gives different coffees, as well as flavors to add to coffee, and biscotti to go with it!

  11. linda Says:

    Great presentation. Makes me want to buy one and I don’t fish. Goodies inside look completely delicious

  12. atrioofboys Says:

    I love it! It looks great, and different than any others I’ve seen. Good work!

  13. Kathy Rice Says:

    I think ALL of your baskets themes are great!!! Some are alittle more out of my price range, but worth it.

  14. Tamara B. Says:

    I have received one of your beautiful baskets. The first thing I noticed was how the basket was packaged, it was packed with lots of bubble wrap to protect the contents of the box. When I pulled out the basket everything was in place and easy to see what was in the basket. When I unwrapped the basket I noticed the quality of the basket. To me that told me the contents were of high quality and I think the basket says it all. Nothing worse than buyng a basket to give and the basket look like it came from a Dollar store.

  15. Crystal Allen Says:

    This gift basket would be great for Father’s Day and for a male birthday gift. I think that it is good to have a wide variety of gift baskets to choose from on your site. You need a slogan that goes along with “We have gifts for everyone… Even for the person who has everything.” I would honestly love to be the recipient of any of your gift baskets. I especially love gift baskets that include coffee or chocolates. My favorite basket on your site is the Starbucks® Break Time Gift Basket. I would love to review this one and host a giveaway for it on my blog listed in my information above.
    Your Fresh Fruit & Candy Gift Basket looks lovely and would get rave reviews in my home. We love to eat fresh fruit especially when it is displayed this beautifully.
    As I look down your page of gift baskets, I see the Orchard Fresh Fruit & Snacks Gift Basket… I love this display also. This would be a great basket for anyone. You have the fruit, chocolate, crackers… It beautifully combines: sweet, salty, and healthy all in one.
    Last but not least I see the Cheryl&Co® Sweet Retreat Brownie Basket. I love that this gives the recipient a feeling of “homemade” from far away. This would be a great gift for college students or family who live far away and you wanted to remind them of home.
    I love all of your baskets but you can tell that I have a food theme going on today. I enjoy food all year round and I tend to save the spa baskets for around the holidays.

  16. jay Says:

    beautiful looking basket- love the presentation of it. I bet my husband would love the goodies in it, not to mention the fun fishing theme!

  17. James Burnsexd Says:

    I like this fisherman basket. It s perfect for me. I also like the fruit baskets and the starbucks basket. very nice. great sizes for the right price. All fathers should get to receive the fishermans basket. I want one. Is my wife listening?


  18. Milcah Says:

    It definitely screams i’m for a guy! Gotta check out the others….

  19. amanda moshell Says:

    All of your gift baskets are amazing, i had the pleasure of recieving the arbor afternoon giftbasket and it was truelly amazing! It lasted me a week if that!! I love the way your gift baskets are organized as well as how they are shipped & recieved its such good quality and its nice to hve it not be just thrown into a box for us to have to organize ourselves! The fisherman basket is really awesome and would be great for my gpa who LOVESSS fishing. I would love to recieve one of your gift baskets anyday. I also think it would be a great idea to create a new mommy basket that comes with snacks for the new mommy as well as a few treats for new baby too :]

  20. James Burnsexd Says:

    I like the fish on the outside of the basket. and the sausage, cheese and of course the coffee mug. heck I would not mind the starbucks basket too…. fishing and coffee go great together.

  21. Kailey bowser Says:

    For the basket above I have this to say:

    seriously great craftsmanship! It’s not often you find a “giftbasket” this quality for men. Often, you’ll find cheesy attempts. I know my husband would find this as a great fathers day present, and a pretty cool surprise since he enjoys fishing. My husband looked at this, and said the basket is the best he’s seen as far as baskets used for giftbasket assortments go. And there’s so many other goodies and gifts added! Both of us agree that this would be like Christmas opening that. Lol.

    As far as your other products, supurb quality and quanity. You get what you pay for! They use the finest ingredients such as when it comes to the decadent chocolate covered pretzels or the crisp candied apples. You don’t find cheap knock off “filler” gifts in these baskets! You get truely wonderful items that you will certainly enjoy.

    I’ve learned my lesson… Never browse the site on an empty belly. You’ll crave all the goodies on the site!

    Thanks guys for the oppertunity!!

  22. Jen Says:

    It screams take me fishing (and if I don’t catch anything, I still got you covered)!
    On the other hand, I’ve been scouring the web searching for give-aways for the starbucks gift basket. I love it! (I’m their #1 fan) seriously
    The margarittaville one looks really cool. I’ve never even tried a margaritta, but if I was given the basket, I’d definately try it lol. It looks very inviting and appealing.

  23. Kristen Eby Says:

    My favorite thing about your baskets is the quality of the edible items in each one. The taste and quality of the food is far superior to some other, who shall not be named, companies. I also like when the basket itself is ready to use for other needs. You also use great photos to portray your items to the fullest, thus making us want them even more.

  24. Susan Bush Says:

    I also vlove the high quality of your food items. I have a soft spot for your creativity also. The gummy worms with a fishing basket? Pure fun and so creative! I think baskets with the cheese items should maybe contain some more cheese companion edibles…like maybe apples? But, all in all great job!

  25. monica carbajosa Says:

    I love this basket! My father in law loves to fish since he was a boy 🙂
    I think all of your baskets are wonderful and enjoyable. You can tell a lot of love is put into each and every one.
    I plan on sending a basket to my daughter’s teacher.

  26. Miranda Johnson Says:

    From the ones I’ve won they are presented very nicely and are quality products. If I could afford to buy some, I’m sure they are very well worth the price. Everything on the site looks great.

    The one shown would be great for my husband or father-in-law. Looks like they’d enjoy all the products included. They both enjoy fishing too. Not only would this be great for Father’s Day but FIL’s 50th anniversary & 70th birthday are on June 17th. (It’ll be my niece’s 2nd birthday too. :))

  27. James Burnsexd Says:

    I’ve come to realize that you have a great golf basket… that would work great with the fishermans basket and the coffe basket. They are full of great product… full size products and tasty looking snacks. The prices are right and I’m hoping I get one of these fine baskets for Fathers Day.

  28. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi Natalie, guess what? You are the first to comment on this blog post, so you just won the gift basket featured above! i.e the “Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks” Gift Basket!

    We just sent you an email, please reply to that email with your address and we will ship it out as soon as possible!


  29. kim wilson Says:

    The Balsam Gift Basket is perfect for every guy out there. Just sent one the other day to a kid that is finally figuring out that he is worth it. What a great way for him to realize that someone does really care about him. He was amazed to get if for no reason. He plans to use the basket to hold magazines once the goodies are all gone. I love the fact that after the goodies are gone, there is still a reminder that someone thought something special thoughts about you.

  30. Julie Cowart Says:

    I like the baskets and the way you have themes like the fathers one with the fishing basket. They would be really fun to send or receive!

  31. 1800baskets Says:


  32. Wanda Says:

    Your baskets are beautiful and very enticing. The ingredients scream “quality” and “class.” The containers themselves are keepers long after the treats have disappeared. I would be proud to give any of your baskets as gifts, and thrilled to receive one at any time! Thank you for a marvelous gift-giving option, especially for those “who have everything.”

  33. Summer Says:

    I love this basket. I love the presentation of it and the fact that its related to men. Any fishermen would love this basket. I also love how you guys make so many baskets to suit anyone. Thanks for the hard work and quality products you put in to them. I am going to be enjoying some more pretzels tonight 🙂

  34. Milcah Says:

    I love them! I’d be proud to own any one of them! The prices are about what i’d expect. Just please don’t ask me to select a favorite!

  35. sidney Cook Says:

    As a general comment, I would say that the most important thing about the gift baskets is quality products. Since a lot of these are never seen by the sender/gifter, it is imperative that you know you are giving a gift that is valued and appreciated. That is why I would go with a reputable company like yours for these types of gifts. Once you start cutting corners with less expensive fillers etc, you would lose your marketing edge. I love all your baskets and I can’t pick a favorite. Keep up the good work.

  36. Melissa Says:

    First I have to say that I just love giving gift baskets. For many years I would make my own so that I knew it would be the perfect fit for the recipient. When I looked online I was only able to find somewhat generic gift baskets – and none for men. Recently, you have been making a wide variety of baskets for any occasion, for any person, with any theme (either that or I just discovered how to find them). While I loved making my own, I also love the convenience of being able to find a basket online that will look like I hand-picked the items myself. Unfortunately, buying online means paying several times more than I would pay if I were able to make it myself (in most cases). Sometimes it is definitely worth it for the convenience and time it saves me. Though if I can get a good deal or use a coupon code it makes me VERY happy!

    • 1800baskets Says:


      Hi Melissa, Congratulations! You just won the gift basket featured above! i.e the “Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks” Gift Basket! We can’t wait for you try this latest creation of ours. Our Design Room had such a wonderful time making it.

      We just sent you an email, please reply to that email with your address and we will ship it out as soon as possible!

      • Melissa Says:

        AWESOME! Reply sent! I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I checked my email and saw it. I replied right away, but couldn’t get here to post because my computer froze up, then I had to run errands. I did want to post a public “THANK YOU!!!!” here though so everyone knew how grateful I was. I didn’t want anyone to think I was being an ungrateful or expectant winner!

        YAY!!!!!! My husband and kiddos will LOVE this. They really enjoy fishing together and snacks are a must!

  37. Phil Says:

    It looks awesome! I am not one for baskets but all of yours seem top quality.

  38. treetrout1 Says:

    One of the things that amazes me is the quality of the basket itself. I’ve used 2 of them over and over after the treats were gone.
    I think that this basket is a great find for all anglers – or could be used inside the house. As I mentioned on a previous post – I am also blow away by the quality of your treats. I rec’d the Deluxe French Country Gift Basket and the biscuits (cookies) were so extrodinary that my mother has me trying to find more. You have baskets in all price ranges and for all occasions. I am so glad to have found you

  39. Jack Says:

    Definately top notch. Not something I would cringe at giving as a gift. Worth the money

  40. Emily Says:

    I love the basket! So many uses afterwards and it could be for girls as well! I love fishing, and the coffee cup is a nice touch..always need coffee when you are fishing

  41. herbert moshell Says:

    I personally think that your baskets are well put together creative items.You can tell that they are put together with love,time,and patience and not just tossed together whenever. My favorite giftbasket that you guys have created so far is the extra large Orchard Fresh Fruit & Snacks Gift Basket it has everything my fiance’ loves in it for a great price.

  42. Mary C. Says:

    Your Fishing Creel Gift Basket Rocks! Has everything a fisherman needs to fill him/her up while waiting to reel in the big one! Only thing I feel would give an extra kick to this basket would be crackers to go along with the summer sausage and sweet & spicey dip. … It is the “bomb” of baskets to give guys and makes a super Father’s Day gift.
    I also like your Great Adirondack Breakfast Gift Basket. Includes all the fixings for an unforgetable breakfast! The Pepper Bacon, Pancake Mix and Apple Butter Syrup make a great “eyeopener meal” by themselves, but you went further and included other tasty foods like the coffee, blueberry preserves and hotcake mix! Thanks for creating such tasty and fun baskets!
    Your designs for all your baskets are second to none!

  43. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, some great and we mean GREAT feedback! We will be naming the 2nd gift basket winner tomorrow morning!

    • Janice Says:

      aww, I notice that I posted AFTER you (but that’s b/c I spent A LOT of time into my post). Does my comment count into your drawing? *fingers crossed*

    • Melissa Says:

      Fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed . . . . I’d go perfect in a pretzel basket! 🙂

  44. Janice Says:

    1) I like how you lay out all the contents so one knows what’s included in the basket – great presentation!
    2) I think Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks would be even cuter if the basket was boat shaped (LOL). 😀
    3) I love how your baskets are gender neutral so they’re great gifts for men AND women! 🙂 (with a few exceptions like Imperial Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Basket… heh)
    4) I like how you have a lot of healthy gift baskets – you can splurge and not feel guilty! 😉 Yum!
    5) I kind of wish that you have different levels of gift baskets for more baskets – i.e. if someone wants to send an upgraded or downgraded basket. That can accommodate more budgets
    6) The Cool Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks is adorable! Comes complete with golf tees, balls, and bag.
    7) I notice a lot of fruit, wine, cheese baskets, and only 1 for nut lovers (Martha Stewart® Sweet & Savory Snack Tray). Maybe more nutty choices for nut lovers? Nuts are still healthy, and maybe a combination of with and without chocolate?
    8) I notice there’s nothing spicy, sour, minty, etc – maybe a few more different choices for when you have a craving for something other than sweet or salty?
    9) since these are all baskets, what about one that is picnic themed? You know, like a picnic basket? 😉 (LOL!) It would be great for family outings
    10) I like how the baskets can be given on any occasion, not just on a holiday
    11) there’s a lot included in each basket for its value!
    12) all the baskets look so colorful that the Cheryl&Co® Sweet Retreat Brownie Basket looks a little plain (sorry to be so honest)
    13) since you have a brownie basket, what about a cookie basket? Should have some cookie lovers (like ME!) 😀
    14) I like how you also have non-food baskets like Denarii Lavender Spa Basket Deluxe. Although food baskets are delish, always good to have options
    15) all your baskets include so much variety that each has their own unique appeal – it’s so hard to choose a favorite!

    ok, I can probably keep going, but I’ll tire out whoever’s reading mine. Lol! 🙂

  45. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, we’ll be picking the second winner shortly (in say about an hour)!

  46. Jenny Kaenrath Says:

    Good morning baskets!!!!! I hope your having a great day today!

  47. 1800baskets Says:


    Hi Melissa, Congratulations! You just won the gift basket featured above! i.e the “Fishing Creel Full of Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks” Gift Basket! We can’t wait for you try this latest creation of ours. Our Design Room had such a wonderful time making it.

    We just sent you an email, please reply to that email with your address and we will ship it out as soon as possible!

    • Melissa Says:

      I was just wondering if you happen to have an arrival date for my prize. I sent my address info the day I received notification, but hadn’t heard anything. I wasn’t sure if I would be getting it before Father’s Day or not. Thanks for any info! 🙂

  48. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, Ok we’ll have another party very soon! Btw, there was so much feedback we literally have not even read it all. We are printing out the feedback (with your names next to your post – we like to connect real people to the posts and make it a more personal discussion) and then brining that feedback in our Design Room to discuss. You guys covered a lot of aspects of the gift baskets, so we are actually going to split the discussions into a few groups. This is so what we were hoping for when we started into facebook, twitter and this blog. We really feel like we are connecting with you and we hope you feel we are listening. It is just such a thrill to have you all tell us if what we brainstormed, designed, and refined became a reality in your gifting experience. Meaning we work hard to have design tightly connected the emotions we are trying to convey. We know it sounds like such an abstract thing, but we don’t think so. To it’s paramount. That gift we are designing is being sent by you to potentially a close friend, family member, or someone you are trying to connect with. And emotions are such an important aspect of that not only in the degree of emotion conveyed but if in the occasions it is representing. so just wanted to say thanks to you all. we LOVE this feedback and we can’t begin to tell you how important it is to us.

    ok so look for another feedback/party/get-together soon!

  49. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    I am so excited that I won! I’ve been commenting about all of your baskets–always with someone in mind to give the basket to (or at least share it with). This particular fishing basket will be a wonderful surprise for my son. I’m impressed with your creativity and the presentation is always wonderful. I appreciate your generosity. Thank you again.
    Natalie V.

  50. Patti D Says:

    Anyone can gather gifts and put them in a basket, but not like 1800Baskets! I always have loved how you guys have it all layered nicely. I would have added some items though. Instead of the small mug, a heavy duty insulated one- no real fisherman can be without that…and a hat. As with anything to do with fishing, there must be a lure or two as well. These are things that if I got the basket, I would have added myself as they aren’t terribly expensive. It would be cute too, if the fish in front was a floaty keychain, something that can be kept and used. I know that would be the first thing gone and forgotten in this house.
    I was looking around the site and noticed you didn’t have a few things that I would have liked to see, and have some ideas I would love to share with someone there.
    I do have a blog and would love to review a basket, perhaps even host a giveaway for- The Margarita Time Deluxe Party Basket, as I didn’t see anything for summer, like the Spring Bounty Basket- which is my favorite.
    Nobody does baskets like 1800Baskets…oh, but they try:-)

  51. amanda moshell Says:

    I love all of your gift baskets, but i think you guys should do something new that is not only for a new baby but the new parents too..Have it include maybe some snacks and a word search book for dad, some spa items for mom ( shower gels,lotions ) and some items for baby like an outfit or diapers or something. I think it would be an awesome present to recieve

  52. Jennifer Peters Says:

    I Love this Basket! It contains Hearty snacks would be Great for Fathers day, My Hubby would enjoy this 🙂
    I Think you should do a Girls Night Out Gift Basket, with sparkling cider choc strawberries, candies , mints, coffees etc a girlie pre night out basket, oh and maybe a Bachelorette basket 😉

  53. Michelle C Says:

    I have drooled.. I mean look at all your baskets and I am so glad you have such a vast array to choose from. My personal favorite is the Margarita one. I will be ordering this for my best friends birthday. I think you can find one for anyones interests. One thing I think would be cute is bridesmaids baskets

  54. Patricia C Says:

    I love all of the baskets that you offer. There is a basket that would appeal to everyone. The prices are very reasonable and a good bargain. I really like the baby baskets & the sympathy baskets. I would rather give a sympathy food basket than to send flowers. The baby baskets are wonderful, they are so clever and adorable I especially love the BaBEE Girl Layette Bouquet, such a beautiful presentation.

  55. Pamela Hansen Says:

    I love your baskets love the variety i can find something for everyone on my shopping list

  56. lifeonprint Says:

    I love the basket variety! and I think they are priced right! you offer such an assortment of great products, one stop shopping for pressies!

  57. Shannon Schulte Says:

    I love your gift baskets. I love the fact that easy to find a gift for diabetics as well! This would make a great Father’s day basket as well. There certainly are alot of choices available for even the most discerning critic! @sethandshannon1

  58. gayle Says:

    what a great blog party,, kind of like a block party.. hope i win,, this is great,


    Great basket. Who wouldn’t want to win this one. Any fisherman would love to receive it.

  60. Sandi Sarabia Says:

    Definitely, what a splendid website and educative posts, I will bookmark your website.All the Best!

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