Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks Gift Basket Party!

Cool Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks Gift Basket

Cool Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks Gift Basket

Help Dad get his golf game on and sink a sudden snack attack with this cool golf bag cooler full of sweet and savory snacks. He’ll love The Popcorn Factory® Caramel Popcorn, crunchy pub snack mix, rich peanut butter bar, pecan shortbread cookies and much more. Plus, Dad gets a sleeve of 3 golf balls, a set of 15 golf tees and a cool, reusable mini cooler.

In about a paragraph (or more if you have time), let us know what you think about this Father’s Day Gift Basket that we created inside our Melrose Park, IL Design Room. We welcome positive or negative comments. We’ll randomly pick 1 person who posts feedback regarding this latest gift basket creation and send a gift basket to them!

You can click below to view more information on this latest gift basket creation of ours.
Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks Gift Basket

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63 Responses to “Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks Gift Basket Party!”

  1. Pamela Hansen Says:

    this woud be so awesome i love your bags and the variety

  2. Pamela Hansen Says:

    DArn shoud have read the rules closer didnt k=notice the paragraph what father wouldnt love this bag it has snacks golf balls and everythng a golfing dad would love and if your dad isnt a golfer look at the other baskets available made with care and certain plus for any dad if he is a fisher or handyman I can find something for my special dad

  3. atrioofboys Says:

    This basket is great! I love the variety of snacks. I think it’s great that you also include items that are reusable. What dad doesn’t love golf and snacks? It’s a great combination basket!

  4. amanda moshell Says:

    LOL @ My mom up there..i love her :]
    I love this golf bag cooler its good for any man.I think its a very convienant little gift for the special man (men) in your life.I love that you guy’s fill it to the top with all kinds of goodies giving a variety of tasty treats.I also love that you not only add tasty treats but include golfballs & golf tee’s into the mix! What man wouldn’t love to recieve this on fathers day or any other day of the year!! I know my Dad would he’s a big golf fan :]

  5. Kathy Says:

    What a great basket! Definitely a great gift for the dad (or husband) that loves to golf.

  6. Sidney Cook Says:

    Like the cooler, like the snacks. Unfortunately I do not like golf so I can’t really relate to this basket as much as some of the other wonderful baskets you put togehter, but that’s just me. I am sure I could give it to one of the many golfers in my family.

  7. Sara P. Says:

    How fun is that?! I love the snack variety, the fact that it’s a reusable bag and that it has golf balls and tees!!

    I think it would be great if you had a special edition golf ball instead of regular white golf balls. (A golfer has a TON of “regular” balls.)

  8. Dana R Says:

    I think its a VERY nice way to tribute the man in your life! 🙂

  9. Shannon Schulte Says:

    This would be a great Father’s Day gift for my dad! He would love munching down on the goodies! @sethandshannon1

  10. Dave S Says:

    This would be a perfect gift for a father who golfs. After all the product is gone the bag itself could be used in so many different areas. At work or home as a decoration, a table center piece etc. If you have a dad that does not golf it would probably not be the best gift. Unless of course you golf then get it keep the bag for your self and give dad the items along with something else.

  11. Andrea Says:

    This would be great for my dad. He’s an avid golfer and loves snacks!

  12. Lisa Pergande Says:

    This item would be perfect for my husband. My 11 year old son is recently taking a liking to golf and it’s something he and his dad can do together. They are going to go golfing this Tuesday to celebrate my son’s 12th birthday. I love that cooler is shaped like a golf bag! It really helps tie together the snacks and the golf theme, which I imagine can be a difficult thing to do. The only thing I could suggest to improve this basket is perhaps a sport drink, a water bottle, and a golf towel. My husband is a big fan of anything from the popcorn factory, he hasn’t found a kernel he doesn’t love and I haven’t met a 1-800-baskets, gift basket that I don’t love!


    My husband is an amazing father and fabulous golfer. He would find this extremely useful as he golfs twice a week with the men’s club and the senior men’s club. It’s the perfect size and has the perfect contents. He is sure to get lots of compliments while using it as well as a few envies. GREAT ASSORTMENT and LOOK!!

  14. Michelle C Says:

    love It. Great Father’s day gift

    • Michelle C Says:

      forgot to say that this would be great for my best friend he is a great dad who has raised his kids alone. I would love to give one of these to him

  15. Charlotte Says:

    Oh, this would be perfect for my dad. It has just what he likes to snack on in a golf cooler. Plus all the extras.

  16. MomOnTheEdge Says:

    I love, love, LOVE this bag! My father is a huge golfer and this is super cute! You can’t go wrong with tees and balls (I didn’t see the brand though?), and when you throw in some snacks you’ve made it perfect. My Dad personally loves Blue Diamond Almonds, so if those were the snacks then he’d think I picked out each items personally myself. Though to be honest, he loves any kind of nut so as long as it includes nuts he would be over-the-moon with this gift. Very cute.

    You know, the only thing I can suggest about these baskets is to perhaps list several items and allow your purchasers to select the number of items that they might want to essentially make customized baskets. You could have a base price for each of the baskets, whether the fishing one, the margarita bucket one, or the golf one and each add-in could increase the price. For example, I might want to get a huge basket with “everything” for my dad, but perhaps my kids T-ball coach would essentially get the base model. Just an idea! 🙂

  17. Summer Says:

    I love this bag! It is so cute. I especially love the reusable cooler. It would be great to carry along in this hot, Florida heat. I love the baskets that can be used for other purposes. Keep up the great work!!

  18. Jonathan Says:

    Me and my dad are both golfers. We could both use the golf balls, tees, and the mini golf cooler. We would both like the snacks in it too. I can see us at the golf course with our new golf cooler now.

  19. Tamara B. Says:

    Golfer’s dream gift, cooler to keep their drinks cold, popcorn & crunchy pub mix they can munch on between holes, a sleeve of 3 golf balls, a set of 15 golf tees they can use when practicing their game on a lazy afternoon and when done they can finish with the delicious pecan shortbread cookies 🙂 Excellent gift for any occasion!

  20. Patricia C Says:

    I love all of the baskets that you offer. There’s a basket that would appeal to everyone. The prices are very reasonable. I really like the baby baskets & the sympathy baskets. I would rather give a sympathy food basket than to send flowers. The baby baskets are wonderful, they are so clever and adorable I especially love the BaBEE Girl Layette Bouquet, such a beautiful presentation. I have a baby shower coming up next month and any of your baby baskets would make a wonderful gift.

  21. Sandry Beach Says:

    Love the theme! Perfect for a golfer, Father’s Day or not. The choice of snacks is terrific. Including items that are not too sweet such as the pub mix and shortbread is appropriate, because a lot of men don’t have such a sweet tooth. The addition of caramel corn and peanut butter just sounds fun! My son-in-law takes my grandchildren (ages 12 and 15) out to hit golf balls and, recently, my grandson (the 12yo) has taken an interest in golfing. I’d be pleased to bestow this great gift on my wonderful son-in-law. Thanks for soliciting our input and giving us an opportunity to win.

  22. Patricia C Says:

    Sorry wish I could delete that last post, I am guilty of not reading the post. I like the Golf Bag Cooler. It’s perfect to take golfing, I love the mini-cooler perfect for hydrating on warm days

  23. Kailey bowser Says:

    Ok I guess may last comment never showed? Here I try again:

    what a clever giftbasket! Truely reusable since often when men think of gift baskets, they think of frilly things (hubbys words not mine lol). This doesn’t even have to be for the serious golfer. It could be used whether on the green or at the beach or park.

    The goodies inside caught my eye. I’ve never tried pecan short bread cookies so if I got this for my husband, I’d have to sneak a few cookies. For taste testings sake ofcourse!

    This a gentle push for my husband to take our 4 year old son out putting around for the first time. They could bond over the greens and our son Would certainly help

  24. Hannah B. Says:

    I think the bag is adorable and the snacks are great but I was also just imagining a future use for the bag besides being a cooler. I think it would make a great decoration for a rec room or “man cave” and if you could find some miniature golf clubs to have sticking out of it, it could be quite an eyecatcher!
    I also think that since there are many lady golfers in the world, that maybe you should consider doing a feminine version in a pastel or floral print and fill it with some snacks that women like (dried fruit, Luna Bars, etc). Just an idea!

  25. monica carbajosa Says:

    Dad would LOVE this!!!

  26. Dana N (aka hushmouth) Says:

    OMG this is just ADORABLE. For someone who has a “golf fend” for a father (he actually had to stop playing for a while and it was KILLING him)…this is an awesome father’s day gift. He is a man who has everything and doesn’t want anything – so this is just perfect.

    Awesome design….kudos!!!!!!!!!

  27. Diane Says:

    I love this bag, perfect gift idea for the golfer who has it all already 🙂 and the golfer dad who has everything. 🙂

  28. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    This is the perfect combination of the practical (the yummy snacks) and the fun (the golf balls and tees) — or, did I get that wrong? Maybe the yummy snacks are fun and the golf balls and tees are necessary? oh, who knows? It’s a great gift idea. Long after the snacks are gone (well, I guess it’s quite common to lose balls and tees, also), the mini-cooler will be a reminder of a wonderful gift.

  29. Crystal Allen Says:

    Honest, this is a great father’s day gift for the golfers in anyones life. My husband would love this. He would reuse the cooler to take his lunch in to work. He would use the golf balls and tees when playing his favorite sport. The snacks are fabulous. I love the savory and sweet options that you are offering.
    As any golfer knows, it is a day long event and you need lots of energy to get through the 18 holes. These snacks would definately do the job.
    Well done 1800baskets!
    Does the bottle of water come with the basket or is it just for looks? It looks like it is part of the gift set. If you, you definately have thought of everything on this one!

  30. Janice Says:

    I honestly think that this is one of the cutest “baskets” because it ISN’T a basket! 🙂 The golf bag is such an adorable touch to a great themed basket – it even comes complete with golf balls and golf tees. 😀 Not only that, I love how the golf bag cooler is so versatile – it’s convenient for travel use and did I mention that’s it’s an adorable decorative item??!? It’s great for Father’s Day and for any golf lover so it’s great for any other occasion too.

    Although this is already such a great “basket”, it would be even more attractive/appealing if there were options to this basket, such as:
    1) different color of golf bag cooler (maybe feminine colors available for lady golfers, but just other colors than just green, although I realize that would be the classic color of choice)
    2) different options of snack assortments available (IF there were 2 or 3 other snack choices, that would be GREAT!)
    3) it would be a cut idea would be if you could personalize a message on the golf balls, but I do realize that it would be pretty costly. Still just wanted to throw that idea out
    4) I actually thought that the basket comes with golf clubs (because it’s pictured with the basket) so you may want to add a note that the golf clubs are not included (heh) OR you can include mini golf clubs as another cute decoration 🙂
    5) it would be very neat IF the golf bag cooler had straps that turned it into a mini backpack – this would be good for hikers (to carry water) and non-golfing activities. If it already can do that, I can’t quite tell from the picture – sorry.
    6) I like how you have in the description “After the snacks, the cooler holds up to 6 cold drinks” – I wish you had more description on the cooler bag like dimensions (l x w x d) and how many pockets it has

    Overall, it’s still a fantastic idea, and I still love the golf ball cooler idea – SO ADORABLE!!!!!

  31. Jenny Kaenrath Says:

    I love this basket! My hubby is a big time golfer so this would be perfect. I love the fact that it actually comes with some golf stuff like some balls and tees. The snacks look great too. This basket is also great because you can actually use it. This cooler would be the envey of a lot of men. Not only can you use it as a cooler a child would love to use it as a toy. I really hope I win this. My hubby is all about golf and this would make his day. The snacks are awesome too. Great job to whoever thought of this one. This by far is my favorite basket of them all.

  32. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, Everyone still there? Thinking of announcing the winner of the gift basket in a little bit.

  33. Patricia C Says:

    Good luck everyone

  34. Summer Says:

    Good Luck to everyone!

  35. monica carbajosa Says:

    good luck everyone! Awesome basket!!!

  36. Kailey bowser Says:

    Happy fathers day to all the dads!

  37. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    You big tease 🙂
    what are you waiting for?

  38. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi Patricia C, Congratulations! You won the “Cool Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks” Gift Basket! We just sent you an email, please reply to it with your address and we will ship it out as soon as possible!

  39. Patricia C Says:

    Awesome! I’m so excited thank you so much!!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Patricia, we just shipped out the “Cool Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks” Gift Basket! It will arrive on 6/18 (Friday).

      Congratulations again! We can’t wait for you to try this latest Gift Basket creation! 🙂

  40. Patricia C Says:

    Thank you! I’m so happy! What a great gift basket for Father’s Day. My hubby is going to love this!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Patricia, our pleasure!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Patricia, so sorry, we just realized something regarding the “Cool Golf Bag Cooler with Snacks” Gift Basket that you won.
      We could have asked if you wanted your own personalized message on the tag addressed to your husband from you. Instead we put a message saying “Congrats Patricia on your win…etc.” Anyways, totally slipped our mind. We’ll do it on the next contest though. Let us know what your husband thinks of the gift basket. Enjoy!

      • Patricia C Says:

        That’s fine, I told him that I won a nice gift basket for Father’s Day. I know he’s going to love the golf Bag Cooler gift basket. Thanks again!

  41. gayle Says:

    this is the one that I won, i loved it and some of the stuff we gave to my father in law


    I have a houseful of golf lovers. I have sent similar gifts like this before and they have loved receiving them. A great basket for all occasions.

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