“Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket” Party!

Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket

Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket

Mix 1 part deluxe Margarita party snack bucket with tempting Margaritaville® Margarita Mix and you have the perfect recipe for a fun and flavorful fiesta. Invite your favorite friends for this savory celebration of snack favorites including Chef Rick Bayless’ gourmet Mexican habanero salsa, and thick and crunchy tortilla chips from the acclaimed Frontera® restaurant, citrus chili twists, Cobblestone Kitchens® Margarita Rim Trim Salt, honey mustard onion pretzels and much, much more. Salud!

This great Summer Time Gift Basket includes Frontera® Habanero Salsa
Frontera® Thick & Crunchy Tortilla Chips, Honey mustard onion pretzels, Margaritaville® Margarita Mix, Cobblestone Kitchens® Margarita Rim Trim Salt, Honey wheat pretzel braids, Veggie medley chips, Chili citrus twists, and a napkin liner to the bucket and use to serve tortilla chips. 🙂

Let us know what you think about this gift basket that our talented Product Designers created inside our Melrose Park, IL Design Room! We’ll randomly pick 1 person who posts a comment below and send this new creation to them!

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118 Responses to ““Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket” Party!”

  1. Deborah Curran Says:


  2. Deborah Curran Says:

    this is such a great basket – love the salt which makes the margaritas profession looking

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Deborah, Surprise! (Well if you are familiar with our parties, it’s not a suprirse…) You are the first poster, so you win the 1st “Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket”!

      That’s right, we said the 1st.

      We will be giving away 1 more “Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket” to another poster.

      Deborah, we will send you an email first thing Monday morning asking for your address!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Hi Deborah, we’re having trouble with the link in your auto reply email (the one that checks for spam). when we click on the link, the page doesn’t come up. can u send the address to wow@1800baskets.com instead. thx. sagar

  3. Deborah Curran Says:

    you’re items are always such high quallity – thanks for chance to win

  4. Shelly Leatham Says:

    The bucket looks great! Great items make for a great gift basket!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Lisa Pergande Says:

    This is a great basket, would fun for a “sleep over” with the girls! I love everything in the basket, but even though I’m a fan of Honey mustard onion pretzels, not sure they’d go well with Margaritas! I’d love this basket, have my favorite tequila on standby! 🙂

  6. Lisa Pergande Says:

    Btw…the bucket may come in handy when I’ve had too many margaritas! HAHA

  7. Deborah Curran Says:

    Lisa – when is the party at your house and are we all invited?? LOL

  8. Shelly Leatham Says:

    My hubby checked out the bucket and says his mouth is watering at the chance to win! Tequila is ready and waiting! Another great
    1-800-Baskets creation!

  9. Deborah Curran Says:

    The bucket could be used for many things. even for ice to put the tequila in or the mixed drinks, right?

  10. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    As I am apparently not going to be able to take a real vacation this summer, this basket is the closest I am going to get. I am going to prop it up by my cousin’s inflatable pool and pretend I’m in the caribbean!

  11. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    @Lisa EWWWWWwwwwwWWWWW LOL

  12. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    Time for song trivia…..what comes after the line ‘wasting away in Margaritaville®’……..

  13. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    @Shelly I am going to your house since you have the Tequila already! I’ll bring the limes! LOL

  14. Deborah Curran Says:

    Tracy – all we’ll need is a pool to make it feel like vacation….

  15. Deborah Curran Says:

    anywhere we take this basket will be Party Time!! such a nice basket to share with friends

  16. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    @Deborah, the closest I am getting to the pool this summer is an inflatable at my cousin’s house! LOL

  17. Deborah Curran Says:

    oh an inflatable, um. well, just use your imagination and it could work. enough margarits and almost anything works lol

  18. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    @Deborah RFLMAO after a few margaritas you start walking like you are in a pool 😉

  19. Janice Says:

    (yay, another party! Hee) 😀 (and as a side note, how many times can we comment?)

    1) I like the variety in this basket: sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy, etc. Not many baskets have this kind of variety. Two thumbs up on variety
    2) perhaps if you had a non-alcoholic version, just as an option?
    3) as always, I like how the basket/bucket is reusable and can serve as the chip tray… though it looks like it can maybe store ice for the drinks? 😉 oh, I see Deborah had the same idea 🙂
    4) wow, that’s a pretty big basket! (from the 2nd photo with the woman holding the basket)
    5) I kind of wish the basket/bucket had a lid so that it would be more adaptable for other uses. Perhaps you can include this on the bottom of the basket when packaging?
    6) you have chips, but no dip? 😉

    overall a great snack basket that will satisfy any sweet OR salty craving as well as appeal to a group of party goers! 😀

  20. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:


    -There is a dip, habanero salsa dip!

    -And technically it is a non-alcoholic version because they can’t ship it out with the alchohol, it’s just the mix you need to add the alchohol, so you could always opt to keep them virgin if you’d like

    And I’m hoping we can comment often….it is a PAR TAY! 😉

  21. Deborah Curran Says:

    Janice – most dips are perishable and probably why they don’t include it. I agree with what you said about the sweet, salty, spicy and crunchy. Only thing missing is chocolate but I guess we can supply or own. lol – BTW – I’m guessing that only 1 post counts as an entry. just having fun “talking” to ppl

  22. Deborah Curran Says:

    oops – I missed the salsa dip too.

  23. Beth Says:

    I’d love to win this awesome basket. I need some stress relief. lol.

  24. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    Haha @Deborah is a die hard, you know what they say about chocolate and alcohol right?? 😉

  25. Beth Says:

    I think this is the perfect summer basket. I’d finally have an excuse to take a night to myself!

  26. Deborah Curran Says:

    Beth, you can’t keep this for yourself – you HAVE to share with friends. can I be your new friend?????

    • Beth Says:

      I’d share Deborah. I’ve only had 1 drink through the span of 2 years, so it wouldn’t take me much to be feeling good.

  27. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    I agree @Deb never party alone! @Beth you MUST share!

  28. Deborah Curran Says:

    THANK YOU sooooo much…. Party at my house!!! you guys are the best….

  29. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    @Deb YAY I’ll bring the lime and @Beth already has the Tequila covered! so….who is bringing the chocolate? LOL

  30. 1800baskets Says:

    Keep on posting all. We love to read all of your comments. And we print each and every comment and bring them into the Design Room!

    See our response to the first poster btw. A suprirse gift…. 🙂

    We will pick our winner sometime tomorrow. Oh btw, you can post more than once, but we just count you once in the random drawing.

  31. Lisa Carr Says:

    I love that it includes chips & salsa, & that you even thought about including the napkin to use the bucket to serve the chips. A great summer gift.

  32. Lisa Carr Says:

    Congrats, Deb!

  33. Mary C. Says:

    Ole! What a treat to be able to taste two of Chef Bayless’ gourmet creations…..his habanero salsa and tortillo chips from your “Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket!” Would love to win this party bucket filled with these and all the other goodies like the Margaritaville Margarita Mix to enjoy while my husband and I are on vacation at the beach. This would really make our time off “rock.” And, I’m really curious as to what the Citrus Chili Twists are like. Thanks for the chance “To Waste Away In Margaritaville!”

  34. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    Are there disposable margarita glasses in the basket, trust me after enough Margarita’s no one is going to want to clean the glasses after! LOL

  35. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    would it be mean to suggest a disposable camera as well so you can take pictures of the first one who has too many? LOL

  36. Mary C. Says:

    Congrats, Deb, and Have A Ball Tasting All the Tasty Items in Your Bucket!!!

  37. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    ok it’s back to work for me, congrats Deb, Thanks for a great party everyone!

  38. Mary C. Says:

    I’m tweeting your “Margarita Time Deluxe Party Bucket” party. @swtthing3

  39. Shelly Leatham Says:

    Congrats Deb!! Enjoy! Keeping my fingers crossed for some luck!
    Great Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Mary C. Says:

    Still Tweeting :


  41. MomOnTheEdge Says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this basket! Actually, I was just drinking margaritas at the neighbors last night and this would be an awesome gift to send her as a thank you for all the times they invite us over for a nightcap, dinner, etc.

    I also think this would be great with some margarita glasses and/or a cute pitcher. That would be a great way to make various “levels” of the basket like you have on some of your other baskets. You could also include some different strengths of salsa in the larger baskets.


  42. Barbara C Says:

    I think this is one of my favorite 1-800-baskets…so FUN, festive and happy. Colors are so bright and cheery and the bucket can be reused for so many things. It’s Perfect for a summer party, hostess gift or birthday gift…good for adult male, female, or a couple. There is nothing I would add or subtract, I LOVE it just the way it is.

    I’m ready…It’s 5:00 somewhere! 🙂

  43. Kailey B. Says:

    Hmmm I’ve never had a margarita…interesting.

    I wonder how I’ll be after a few of those? LOL 😛

    I love how it’s in the “ice tub” for chilling your drinks before you mix. I’m not sure if I am getting hungry over the pretzles or I’m thirsty over trying a margarita.. Ahhh the decisions!

    Hubby thinks this is one of the coolest things he’s ever seen..

  44. Anne M. Says:

    This basket looks awesome! Rick Bayless is a fav chef of mine, and would love the chance to try some of his products-I have ordered from you as well as 1800 flowers, and been pleased with all my orders- Congrats Debra on winning the first one! Here’s to crossing my fingers! @anniemos on twitter & I have tweeted 🙂

  45. Marilyn Harrington Says:

    This would be great for my summer place in Maine.
    We have visitors and parties near4ly every day (I am retired).
    The party baucket will be very useful and I LOVE honey mustard prezles!

  46. Monica carbajosa Says:

    I have beeing eyeing this one! My friends and I love making margaritas! The basket is truy perfect and I wouldnt change a thing!

  47. Pamela Hansen Says:

    All your baskets are absolutely amazing This one sounds like it would be perfect for my end of summer party for the parents I would have to figure out one to get for the kids though but with all the choices it shouldnt be too hard

  48. Sidney Cook Says:

    Late to the party, guess I went to be too early. Love this one, “liked” it on your website. Would love to try all the different types of chips. I guess shipping them with (plastic) margarita glasses would be too difficult. Congrats to Deborah for winning this!!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Sidney Cook, you are Winner #2! Congratulations! We will send you an email first thing monday morning asking for your address!

      Wait hold on, is that the summer breeze telling us something. What you say Summer Breeze? This is the middle of Summer and we should give away one more of this fantastic, time for a bbq, break out the picnic, hang out with friends “Margarita Time Party Bucket”. Okay, will do!

      Who will be Winner #3? We will announce soon! 🙂

  49. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    Party time with Margaritas Another fine basket

  50. Summer Says:

    This basket looks amazing. I have never had a margarita nor have I ever made one. Your creations are awesome and this would be great to have for any occasion

  51. Summer Says:

    I was reading more about the basket and what it includes. It does not say in the description but I think having 2 margarita glasses included would be nice. I don’t think everyone who would receive this basket would have them. I think having the margarita glasses would be so cute and fun to drink out of.

  52. simplydab Says:

    I love this basket! Perfect for a hostess gift for a summer barbeque.

    Congrats Deborah, what an early bird you were!

  53. Stacee Says:

    This basket looks great…lots of yummy goodies :] It would be great to win!

  54. Jen Says:

    I love it! I’d hoard it (not really, but it looks great!) did I mention it would be the perfect thing for our 16th anniversary (today) to just lounge around with at the water front not affected by the oil splill. I really like the ice tub thing, great touch. and the color of everything blends really well.

  55. Monica Zimmerman Says:

    I love this basket! ~ Makes me feel like inviting some girlfriends over and celebrating with this margarita basket!

  56. amanda moline Says:

    I think this would be a great gift basket to give someone that’s going away =]It would also be perfect to use during a mexican vacation-themed party!! :]

  57. 1800baskets Says:

    Sidney Cook, you are Winner #2!! Congratulations! We will send you an email first thing monday morning asking for your address!

    Wait hold on, is that the summer breeze telling us something. What you say Summer Breeze? This is the middle of Summer and we should give away one more of this fantastic, time for a bbq, break out the picnic, hang out with friends “Margarita Time Party Bucket”. Okay, will do!

    Who will be Winner #3? We will announce soon! 🙂

  58. simplydab Says:

    Congrats Sidney – there’s still hope for me yet!! 🙂

  59. Tamara B. Says:

    Margaritas and good old Jimmy Buffet go together! He is performing here for a benefit to our area for the oil spill tomorrow!

  60. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

    Congratulations Sidney and Deborah!! Have a wonderful Party with your Baskets!!

  61. Mary C. Says:

    Congrats Sidney!!!

  62. Phil Says:

    I would take this to my buddy and we’d just hang. It’s very cool! Very appealing and I love all the snacks

  63. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    Yay Congrats Sidney!! Enjoy the Margaritas 🙂

  64. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    Congrats Sidney and Deborah, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on basket #3! Well OK, maybe my toes, I need my fingers to type with! 😉

  65. MomOnTheEdge Says:

    Congrats to all the winners! This is a perfect basket for summer. I hope you all enjoy it.

    And . . . I’d love to hear what you think of the salsa after you try it. I’m always looking for a good jarred salsa to keep on hand. I prefer to make it fresh in the summer myself, but that isn’t always possible. 😉

  66. Monica Zimmerman Says:

    Congrats lucky ladies!!!! 🙂

  67. simplydab Says:

    @Tracy You type with your nose when you cross your fingers 🙂

  68. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

    Check out the site for Winner #3

  69. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, we’ll announce winner #3 here on the Blog! We gather people on facebook & twitter, but we’ll always officially announce the winner here.

  70. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, just waiting for the likes on this page (http://ww11.1800baskets.com/product.do?baseCode=93611&dataset=11097&cm_cid=d11097) to hit 205 (we’re at 198 right now!) before we announce winner #3…

  71. Summer Says:

    Oh the suspense, fingers crossed for me or my sister 🙂

  72. Summer Says:

    oh I asked people to like it so we could get a winner 🙂

  73. Summer Says:

    yay! 205 🙂

  74. amanda moline Says:

    I would love to win this to gift to someone in my life who needs a vacation but can’t ‘gettaway’

  75. Pamela Hansen Says:

    POSTED ON FB would love to win hope to hear soon

  76. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, yup we’re up to 207 likes!


    We’ll be announcing the 3rd winner today!

  77. Summer Says:

    I am excited to hear who wins, been waiting all day!

  78. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, the third winner is “Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly”! Tracy we will send you an email first thing Monday morning asking for your address!

    Congratulations to all 3 winners. Look for a new 1800Baskets.com party very soon!

  79. Mary C. Says:

    A Big Congrats to you, Tracy! Enjoy!

  80. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

    Congratulations Tracy!!

  81. Lisa Carr Says:

    Ooh, congrats to all of the winners! Lucky ducks!

  82. Francis F Says:

    I’m always too late to the winning partay! I’d love to party with Margaritas in hand. wooHoo! 🙂

  83. monica carbajosa Says:

    oh i so badly want to win! i have attended all your twitter parties and fb parties and I have not yet been luckyl would love a back to school gift basket for my daughter will be in kindergarden in sept!

  84. Alice thomas Says:

    This is the 1st time that I saw your website which was you just sent to me.
    The basket looks fabulous. It makes me want to go home and start
    getting ready to have a party!!
    I shall explore more of the items that you have posted on your web site
    and quite possibly order something for an occasion coming up.

    Thank you

  85. Cheryl Christian Says:

    First time on the blog. Looking at all your really neat things. I am ready for a deck party.

  86. Lauren Says:

    You can’t go wrong with margaritas…Hope I win! 🙂

  87. Roxanne C Says:

    What a great basket. Would love to win this. Will be checking back often to see what else you have.

  88. gayle Says:

    I love snacks, so please pick me this is great i love your baskets..

  89. michelle rosborough Says:

    It has Margarita Mix. What more needs to be said !!!!!


    I love receiving fun baskets like this one. It’s Margaritaville time!! It says its 5 o’clock somewhere. Its fun and festive and exciting to receive.

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