1800Baskets.com Gift Baskets Party!

Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket

Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket

Hi All! So what we wanted to do during this 1800Baskets.com party was to discuss gift baskets in general.

In about a paragraph or so, please tell us what you feel is important to you in a gift basket. Our Gift Basket Designers inside our Melrose Park, IL Design Room have creativity flowing through them and the skill and passion to make their visions a reality. From a myriad of artistic and creative backgrounds, our Gift Basket Design Room Team view Gift Basket design as a holistic creative endeavor. However, we feel strongly that this cannot be done in isolation. The emotion and sentiment our gift baskets invoke in our customers must not only be appropriate to the occasions but also be of the right intensity. Meaning we want the gift basket to not only convey exactly what you feel but how strongly you feel. That is our passion, that is our goal. And that is why we ask you for your thoughts. 🙂

Please write about a paragraph or so and we’ll randomly pick 1 person and send the Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket! (pictured above)
1800Baskets.com Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket

Current Party Status:
1) The Surprise 1st Post Winner was “Shannon Schulte”
2) The 2nd and Final Winner was “Lisa Pergande”!
3) What’s the Prize: 1 Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket

If anybody’s searching, here’s an active coupon code: BSKTS15FB (15% off entire order)

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77 Responses to “1800Baskets.com Gift Baskets Party!”

  1. Shannon Schulte Says:

    I love a basket I can share with the whole family. Has wine or crackers and cheese for the adults and sweets for the kids. I love ones with chocolates and cookies. I’ve had gift baskets that were a surprise and had fresh fruit and that was lovely too. I always enjoy as basket with a wonderful presentation as well. @sethandshannon1

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Shannon, Surprise! You are the first poster, so you win the 1st “Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket”!

      That’s right, we said the 1st.

      We will be giving away 1 more “Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket” to another poster.

      Shannon, we will send you an email shortly asking for your address!

  2. Anne M. Says:

    When I look for a gift basket, I am looking for one that is visually appealing, and sometimes catered to one like- for instance, spa, snack, sports…etc. Having a great price doesnt hurt! First impressions mean alot, so I want that wow factor, when first seeing it!

  3. Monica Zimmerman Says:

    I think this basket is chock full of great stuff! To me it is important that a basket have a little bit of pampering as well as some sweets or snacks to munch on. I also think variety is very important in a gift basket so you can share with your loved ones. All of your baskets are incredible, keep up the great job! I also follow on twitter =)

  4. Kathy Rice Says:

    For me, it is all about presentation and price. I think you guys do an awesome job on putting together the baskets and the varieties you create makes it harder to make up my mind. : ) There are some very creative minds you have working there!

  5. Barbara C Says:

    I like to reuse the baskets I received so the container is almost as important to me as the contents, if not equally so. I’m also drawn to baskets that are colorful and have a beautiful bow. I look for baskets that are age and occasion appropriate for the receiver and usually select sweets, spa, or gourmet (wine and cheese) type baskets. I love baskets that are unique. Containers that can be displayed long after the contents are gone is a way of remembering the thoughtfulness of the sender. The Bountiful Sweets basket is extraordinary, could be used for so many occasions, male or female, as a business or personal gift. I LOVE it! Love these contests too, great idea for insight into what customers are looking for and I appreciate the opportunity to win. Crossing my fingers for this one! ♥

  6. Lisa Carr Says:

    I think it’s important to have high-quality items in the basket. It shows that you really care enough to send the best. Variety is important, as well, while staying with the theme of the basket. By this I mean, for a spa basket, either have a complete regimen included in the basket of one scent, or a variety of different scents of, say, body butter or shower gels, etc. You have some great baskets, and I think it’s because you incorporate these ideas. This basket above is a great example. It’s perfect for it’s intention – for those that love sweets. So many different types of sweets, not just chocolate. And the high-quality brands that are included make it an automatic favorite of mine.

  7. Kathleen Schartner Says:

    Like a basket that offers a variety of items – and all that are fresh – this basket is great for if offers numerous items and not just chocolate or candy. The container is reusable, which means it is a gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps a beverage offering would be a great addition – a coffee or tea to go with the sweets

  8. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    The first thing is the way the basket is decorated (designed) and yes you decorate your baskets lovely. I have to say what is put in the basket makes all the difference in the world. For instance those Easter baskets you can buy in the store for so much money you can make one way better than that as they put only a couple cheap things in them and make you pay alot of money. I like a basket that is full of good things for the occasion and is dressed up nice. Makes all the difference in the world what is in the basket as to what I would pay for the basket. Yours are choc full of great stuff and well worth the money!

  9. Sara P. Says:

    I love a basket that is FULL of goodies – food, wine (or funky sodas), and something to DO. We were traveling recently, and I made a basket for my house sitter – it had all kinds of their favorite snacks (lots of chocolate), some cream sodas, and a find-it game. She was so grateful for having such a great surprise. I would rather see fewer more expensive items, than a bunch of cheap items in a basket.

  10. Chris McKinney Says:

    I think a gift basket should be pleasing in appearance, contain a variety of items with different flavors, scents, and uses. Sometimes it is not the number of items that are included but the quality of items is important too. I guess the main consideration for me would be the variety of items since we do not always know a persons likes or dislikes. With a variety, there is bound to be something they like and the rest can be shared with others. Reusable containers are a plus because as Sara P mentioned, you can always create baskets for others.

  11. Lisa Carr Says:

    By the way, the bow & the basket themselves are gorgeous!

  12. Jennifer Peters Says:

    When I Look for Gift Baskets I always try to Pick One that Has a Little something for everyone, Snacks, Treats with chocolate ofcourse,
    Maybe a few adult treats like crackers & cheese , meats.
    We Love your Themed Camp Baskets too those are Great!
    all of your Baskets anyone would be pleased to get as a gift, Put together so nice for every occasion 🙂

  13. Andrea Marino Says:

    This basket has a few of my favorite things : peanut brittle, Double Chocolate Cocoa, Cinnamon French Twist, & Butter Toffee Popcorn! I also love the look of the basket. You have such a great variety of baskets and this is most definately one of them!

  14. Dana N (aka hushmouth) Says:

    I love to give baskets as gifts, but one of my biggest challenges with finding the “right” basket is that everything it has in it will either be used or consumed. Most times I can find one that I think 80-90% will be loved, but it’s the other portion that I’m not sure.

  15. Marilyn Harrington Says:

    This basket is fabulous. I love the red bow and the look of the basket itself. As far as the contents, who doesn’t love cookies candy, peanut brittle, and jam? This would definately be a hit in my house!

  16. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    My mouth started to water as soon as I saw this basket! So many of our family favorites: chocolate, popcorn, cookies, jam…you continue to amaze with your great combination of palate-pleasing goodies. The sturdy basket will last forever and will serve as a reminder of the wonderful treat received. The colorful bow is eye-catching (although it will only detract from the contents of the basket briefly, I’m sure). You talk about the passion of your design team–well, I think their skill prompts passion in the recipients of their lovely gift baskets!

  17. kim wilson Says:

    When I look for a basket to send to someone I look at the items to see if it is something different as well as something that maybe they would not purchase for themselves but wish they had the items. I also look at the basket or item that it comes in. I want something that will keep on giving. I think that for some of the snack items for college students it would be nice to see them in like a trash can that they would be able to use later. I love the boxes that some of the gifts come in. They can be used for so many different things. With a box I look for something to give to someone that goes with their decor.

    You do a great job. Keep up the creativity!

  18. Tamara B. Says:

    What I think make a great gift basket it the appearence. The quality of the basket, the cellophane that the basket is wrapped in and most of all the beautiful bow that finishes it. It is more exciting to unwrap a beautiful basket. Then the contents of small little unique items, like special little tea bags, a beautiful cup or mug. A sweet treat of European candy or chocolates. You can make a beautiful basket for any occasion but what is inside makes it unique. I also think how the items are arranged in baskets are important.

  19. Summer Says:

    First, what a beautiful basket pictured above. Second, what I like in a basket are things I can share with my husband. I like the presentation of the basket to be organized. It should be nicely wrapped with a bow or ribbon. It’s fun when it has unique items in it that we could not find locally. I love it having a variety of items chocolates, sweets, stationary, jams, mugs, teas, brownies, pens, candles. You guys to a wonderful job. Keep up the great work 🙂

  20. michelle rosborough Says:

    I love gift baskets that have a little bit of everything in them. They don’t have to have a theme just stuff I like 😉

  21. Lori C. Says:

    I am definitely a sucker for a pretty basket – one that is too pretty to open. I like pretty ribbons and items that are color-coordinated. Next, I would rather have a few nice, high-quality items rather than several not-so-great items. Any gift basket most-definitely needs some chocolate, of course! And, I love stuffed animals. I also like things like bubble bath, note cards, and cashews. These are just a few of my favorite things. 🙂

  22. Janice Says:

    I know you said paragraph, but I prefer a list style (as I usually do). A paragraph to me feels tedious to read. And also, I can’t believe I missed the last party 😦 I ❤ these parties!

    A great gift basket (like many of the ones you have):
    – appeals to kids and adults alike, also preferably to men and women alike
    – has some variety. For instance, it has sweet and salty
    – is visually appealing in presentation and in high quality goodies (you can tell it's not a bunch of cheap items tossed together)
    – has so many delicious items that it's something I know I would enjoy 🙂
    – would be great if the basket is reusable rather than just look pretty
    – would be great if it's fresh and/or nutritious. Not a requirement, but when it's healthy, the receiver can snack away without feeling guilty

    The bountiful sweets gift basket is a good example of a great basket because:
    – kids and adults would love this. It's good as a personal or business basket
    – the variety is perfect! There's chocolate (sweet), crackers (salty), mints (uh, minty), etc
    – A+ on the presentation, and you can tell that all the items are very high in quality and value
    – yes, lots of DELICIOUS goodies I know I would enjoy 😉
    – reusable basket
    – fresh/healthy? Like I said, not a requirement.
    Great basket overall! 😀

  23. Milcah Says:

    In a basket I like variety and personalization. Something sweet something indulgent something calming and relaxing. Something functional, that I can use in everyday life. Something useful and lasting. I like receiving baskets with things that are useful, such as a perfume themed basket or a spa themed basket, but also something I can put in my mouth and enjoy that way should be included, even if it’s just 1 kind of something. That may be just me though. Nothing to big, that’s meant to be kept, because someone like me already has a lot of things in my house. If it’s a food themed basket, I would like still a small useful keepsake included.

  24. Jen Says:

    In a gift basket, I like to see things that say “I’m thinking of you” and not just tacky stuff thrown in. I like to see things that flow well with each other and compliment the other with color and shape. Great tasting is definately a must.

  25. Kailey B Says:

    Hello 1800baskets!

    To me, a gift basket would have to be made of items the person recieving (or me if I just want a yummy treat) have in mind. Not a filler thing like cheap easter baskets (i hate those LOL). I dont want a basket thats going to sit around gathering dust, since honestly its my money being wasted if that were the case. I want someone to be pleasently surprized and say, “Hey this person was truely thinking of me.” Just an all around good feeling.

    I still need to try those chocolate covered pretzles that everyone raves about. My goodness they look delish!

    • Kailey B Says:

      I forgot to add.. It’s nice having the basket after to reuse. I know I could always use extra storage, and its nice to have a pretty basket holding towels in the bathroom, extra things in the spare/guest bedroom. It’s a lovely touch

  26. Cheryl Christian Says:

    Quality, Quality, Quality. Oh did I say Quality!!! When I send,or bring a gift, such as a basket, it is representing me. My love and passion for the person, who is to receive the gift, shows in what the presentation of this basket can represent. That is why Quality is a big thing with me. I have been looking at all the baskets that you make on your site and I see this. I am impressed with the thought of having things to tie in together to make the whole package. The reason I asked about a grill basket is the fact that so many people have decks to entertain and grilling is usually part of the party. I think a basket with a cooking utensil, food items such as a bbq sauce and even a bottle of wine would be so cool. I did like your margarita basket also. I am so glad I found this Quality site and never cheapen your presentation to cut corners because you have a good thing going. 🙂

  27. Joline Class Says:

    When I receive a gift basket I am most excited about the quality of the basket itself. Once the items in the basket have been used or eaten lol, I still have the basket to use over and over and remember the person who bought me such a great gift!

  28. Lisa Pergande Says:

    I like a great choice of gift baskets, that you can chose from because they seem personalized for the person you are gifting it to. My favorite things in a gift basket are items that look high quality, but aren’t high in price. Items that mesh together well. For example I wouldn’t want something onion flavored in with something fruity etc. In food baskets, I always like a bonus item that will last long after the food. (a water bottle, keychain, or other small gadget) so my loved one will have something everlasting to remind them of the great basket!

    • 1800baskets Says:

      Lisa Pergande, Congratulations! You are the winner of the Bountiful Sweets Gift Basket! We will send you an email shortly asking for your address! (Everyone, please notice there was a surprise gift for the 1st poster as well!)

  29. Lauren Says:

    I think there should be a little bit of everything in gift baskets. Foods, chocolates, little trinkets. People are so different, that it’s hard to gauge what people will like sometimes, even if you know them really well! A little variety goes a long way.

  30. Charlene Canfield Says:

    I always look for a basket that I can continue to use. I also like to know that whoever I am giving the basket to is going to eat or use everything in it. For example my favorite gift for an expecting mom is a laundry basket and then fill it up with stuff that she will use.. rattles, bottles, fingernail clippers, wall outlet covers, baby medicines stuff like that. It may cost a little more but it is well worth it. I like to give to people what I think I would like/appreciate.

  31. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly Says:

    A good basket needs to have certain elements to make it truly useful to the recipient, a solid basket (some are flimsy and they arrive to you with a basket that is already losing it’s threading), the basket has to be something that’s easy to re-purpose, it’s superhelpful when they have handles so they can easily be moved from room to room. You can then use it to store stationery, organize your desk, or put rolled towels into them for the bathroom. The contents must be secured well to ensure they don’t rip open in transit and arrive in one piece. The contents must be fresh (to see items especially liquids) already separating is a disappointment. And lastly variety is important to ensure you are going to hit on items that the will truly make the receiver feel special and that you truly had them in mind. It shouldn’t be generic! It should knock their socks off!

  32. Charlotte LeBlanc Says:

    I am a chocolate lover. My ultimate gift basket would include anything that has chocolate in it or on it. It would include truffles, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, fudge, fruit, hot cocoa mix, and syrups. It would also need some mugs in it for the hot cocoa mix. It would have some chocolate related gifts inside. The basket, wrapping, and bow would need to fit the chocolate theme. This would be my Ultimate Chocolate Gift Basket.

  33. Sherri Jones Says:

    I love Unique & Themed Gift baskets. Personalized made them even better.

    Such as A back to college themed basket, like FSU, etc… inspired, or

    A favorite sports theme for that special man in your life.
    Get well basket, with all the things to make someone feels better and maybe put a smile on their face.

    Chocolate for the chocolate lover. Something pretty, for Mom, cat lovers, dog lover, golf lovers etc…

  34. MomOnTheEdge Says:

    When I’m purchasing a gift basket, there are a couple of things that I really look for.
    1) Personal Touch – I want my gift baskets to look like I hand selected each item. I don’t want them to be generic or appear like a quick thoughtless gift choice. I want options so that I can customize the basket to the recipient a bit. For example, I love some of your themed baskets, but I especially love when there are options for size. I’d love it even more if you let me choose (from a select list of options) which specific items I would like included in my basket.
    2)Price – Sometimes gift baskets are really expensive. If I’m going to spend that much, I want to make sure the recipient loves everything in it. Also, if I can make my own personal basket and send it to someone for about half the price of what you might be charging, then I’m likely to do just that. I might browse your site (and others) to get some ideas or inspiration, then I make something that is more tailored to my recipient. For example, I absolutely love the idea for the Super Sweet Snack Gift Basket. What a fun yummy treat for a weekend away. However, at nearly $100, there is no way I’d actually purchase it. According to my math I could buy all the contents and the basket for between $30 and $40. If I make it myself I could buy the specific chips and candy that friends/family love and save myself quite a chunk of money.

    I’m definitely frugal, but will spend if something is truly worth it. The more you allow me to personalize a gift basket, the more likely I am to spend my hard-earned money to purchase it.

  35. Pamela Hansen Says:

    I look for variety in my baskets I want drinks like teas or coffee and sweets and a little salty I love honey wheat pretzels . What I would love to see is a pink ribbon basket for breast cancer I have a friend that is going to have a biopsy soon to see if she has it and I think a basket that is all pink would show support and brighten her day

  36. Amanda Moline Says:

    I would love to win this.I try so hard to find gift baskets that has a little bit of something for everyone and can never find one. I love that this basket is cost-friendly and has something for everyone, i do agree with the above comment that there should be awareness baskets, like breastcancer, autism awareness,pregnancy loss awareness, etc. with a portion of proceeds going to awarness funds for the cause.

  37. Mary C. Says:

    It’s important to me that a gift basket contains sweet/salty food items, have a balanced appearance (which all of your baskets have), includes non-food items that match the theme [like coffee/tea cups – measuring scoops – notepads/pens/magnets (with your logo) – whimsical items (joke books/puzzles – squeeze stress balls, etc.(for some added fun time)], have secure packaging (you already do a great job of that), and have a pretty bow to give it pizzazz (again, you do an excellent job of that)! Ok, that’s it in a nutshell!

  38. Crystal brocious Says:

    i think it is important that it be personal to the person given to stuff that shows ther personality tase etc.. a reusable basket like a bucket, lunchbox soemthing they can use day to day. and cant forgot the most important thing fooood has to have some great snacks /dips/drinks/ and it has to look nice the wrapping is imporatant so is the bow u want it to looks and taste good at the same time u don t get that much with some giftbasket but yours are great! love them!

  39. Jenny Kaenrath Says:

    The thing that is very important to me when picking out a basket is the quailtiy and how it looks. I want to give a person a basket that they can use and I also want them to look at it and think I spent a fortune. Even though I don’t want to spend a fortune I just want it to look that way. I also look for uniqueness. I want the basket to look like no other. I want the person that I am getting the basket for to think I really looked and went out of my way to get them something nice. I also think it is important for the basket itself to be able to be used after the goods are out of it.

  40. simplydab Says:

    I look for something that looks polished and professional (good quality material for the “basket” part, all the content packaging intact), that well represents the theme of the basket (chocoholics, tea, snack time, party, beach, get well, whatever). I also really enjoy gift baskets that are different from the standard fare and have seasonal/regional/ethnic themes, because it makes your recipient feel like you’ve put some thought into their gift and didn’t just get any run-of-the-mill gift basket. I also really like when they have reusable components (coolers, pizza cutters, oven mitts, wine glasses, etc.) so that I feel like I’m getting more of a value for my money.

    When ordering online for shipment, it’s also important to me that the basket can present itself well out of the box, and the contents would travel well.

  41. Lisa Carr Says:

    Party’s still going, I see! I just love the presentation on your baskets. It makes such a difference.

  42. Sidney Cook Says:

    What is the most important to me is the quality of the products and the value of the products. Since I won’t be seeing the basket I send, I want to be assured that the person I am sending the gift to has a nice reaction to it. I would rather pay more for top quality brand names rather than risk disappointing. I am thinking of Godiva, starbucks, Mrs Fields, you get the idea.

    Second most important is the presentation. I like a nicely presented basket, preferable with at least one item that is of good quality that lasts beyond the content of the rest of the basket, like a wine opener, a tin box to store cookies, a set of linen napkins etc.

    Thirdly, I have a comment about ordering on the website. I recently was asked to order a gift basket paid for by several people and I think it would be more practical to include the shipping costs directly to the price of the baskets. You could then add $10 extra for overnight shipping etc if there were more than one option. I spent a lot of time putting stuff in the cart and removing it before I settled on something.

    Keep up the good work designing team!!!!

  43. Cheyanne21 Says:

    I choose gift baskets for an individual based on what they like so having unique opitons to choose from is a big plus from fishing, hunting, spa, barbie, My Little Pony, Chocolate, Gourmet Cheese well you get the idea appeals to me. Bright colors and ribbons and bows also. You have such a good variety but always keep adding more ideas. Thank for giveaway.

  44. Shannon Says:

    I think the theme and how you carry out the theme with thoughtful, useful and enjoyable products are what is important in a gift basket. No matter what the celebration, reason or just because moment when you decide to give a gift basket there has to be that wow factor when you see the entire gift basket but also as the recipient opens it up and enjoys each and every product. You also want to have a great basket that the recipient will use forever and remember the lovely basket that they had received from you whenever they see and use the basket. All of these factors are present in 1800basket products! The various themes and high quality products you use in each and every one of your baskets/gifts is memorable and anyone is very lucky to be the recipient of one.

  45. crystal allen Says:

    i love receiving gift baskets. i like to see gift baskets that are thoughtful, well decorated and personal. a gift basket is only great if it is also meaningful to the recipient. i look at the presentation of the basket, the contents and the intentions behind the gift also. i like to see themed baskets and a personal card or note from the giver as well. premium items are nice but not necessary when it comes to gift baskets. i like to see an assorment of items that go with the theme intended as well.
    my favorite gift basket would be a nice coffee assortment, coffee mug, flavored powdered creamer and maybe even a set of coasters and a coffee measuring spoon.

  46. Phil Says:

    Variety. The spice of life. I like to give gifts that scream out people’s name. They have to be well thought out, great quality, and they have to be reasonably priced. I don’t want to spend money on something that I could put together myself for $30.00 less. It should be arranged nicely, complimenting the other objects in the basket.

  47. Sofia Marta Says:

    Wow, such a nice basket! Something for everyone! Yum!

    Here it is:
    I think what is important to me in a gift basket is something that is heartfelt and beautiful! You should really put some thought into what will be in the basket for a particular person. If you know someone loves chocolate, then the current basket featured here is perfect. If the person tends to like smell goodies, then the bath product basket is perfect. The basket should also look pretty with a bow and/or ribbon in a pretty basket. For me, a pretty basket filled with anything will make me happy! lol 😉

  48. 1800baskets Says:

    wow amazing feedback everyone. we’ll be picking a winner shortly.

  49. Ty Says:

    I think it is important that a basket has a variety of items. I have children and would like a basket I can enjoy with them as well as my husband. Something he and I can enjoy like cheese and crackers is nice. Some sweets and fruits for the children is great, as well. I just think it should be a variety.

  50. Kailey B Says:

    This is a perfect “housewarming” basket. I actually have a friend in mind that would love this. the wine and cheese would be a great “after the kids go to bed” treat for the adults to sit down and chat like old times sake.

    Quality products!

  51. Troy C. Says:

    My wife loves gift baskets – to give & to receive. I think it is important that the baskets are substantial. It is disappointing when you get a basket and it has tons of filler paper. And it is important that the items inside has items that appeal to a wide spectrum of people – so no odd flavors. Gift baskets need to be fun!

  52. Laurie Says:

    As someone who frequently has to puchase gift baskets as thank you gifts for clients, I love the fact that this basket has something for everyone. It’s sophisticated with a wide variety of items. I love the fact that the person who receives the basket has enough goodies in it to share with others.

  53. Cindy Says:

    I love receiving gift baskets.I think it is important that a basket has a variety of items.

  54. Melissa Lawrence Says:

    I think a gift basket should suite the person your giving it to, but it should be all about fun! Items that that people probably wouldn’t go out and buy for themselves. Just fun stuff, things that make you laugh or smile!

  55. Kathy Says:

    What’s important to me, is that there is a good variety of items within the basket, that the basket itself is sturdy (nothing worse than picking up a gift basket and having the bottom fall out!), and that I’m getting my money’s worth (I hate when I find a basket I like, it has 2 little things in it, and they want $75 or more for it).

  56. Heather Says:

    What I love about the gift baskets on 1800 baskets is that It will be a gift that can leave a lasting impression on their heart and mind many days after the special day has passed. whether it be funny, whimsical, masculine, sassy or just thinking of you it gives the appearnce that great time and consideration has been given to the baskets!!

  57. Jennifer C. Says:

    I think the most important part of giving a gift basket is the personalization for the person you are giving it to. I also think it’s important for the “basket” or “container” that is used for the gift to be reusable! I love the idea of the recipient using the basket in their home for other items! I think it is always fun to have a variety of items in each basket and also some really unique items.

    It would be really cool if you had a monogrammed gift basket option, so we could pick an initial that maybe the container is monogrammed with. For example a “J” gift basket with a J somewhere on the container and maybe a sugar cookie inside frosted with a J. Something fun and personal! I also think it would be important to include an item in each gift basket that the recipient could keep and use after they eat all of the goodies inside. If you have a gourmet food basket, include a wooden spoon that someone could use over and over in their kitchen.

    I think candles are another great item in a gift basket. Maybe a chocolate scented candle in a chocolate lovers basket?

    The bottom line is that the item should feel personal and unique – not generic like other gift baskets. It would be cool if you could have a gift basket 95% complete and allow the customers to choose 1 item to finish the basket and top it off.

  58. Dawn monroe Says:

    I like to see full size items in any gift basket I receive. I also like themes that are fun, and fit my personality. Some themes I like are snacks, chocolate, baking goods, and baseball.

  59. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

    Imagine the surprise on your friends face when this basket arrived. The delivery person knocks on the door, holding the most beautiful basket, the door opens and the smile starts, ending with an ear to ear smile. The smile Says “For Me”, from the red bow to the gift card as she dances her way to the table to explore all of the jewels pile high. The scent of sweetness fills the air, from chocolate candies to cookies, the aroma is mouthwatering……for the next week each chocolate candy will bring that ear to ear smile.

  60. Emily Says:

    A great gift basket is more than the sum of its parts. A great gift basket gives you permission to indulge, whether it be in a gourmet treat or a spa treatment. A great gift basket is so gorgeous that you hate to open it…but is so full of irresistible goodies that you can’t resist opening it right away. A great gift basket looks like it cost twice as much as it did so the recipient is amazed at the sender’s generousity but the sender feels like she got a great value.

  61. Chad M Says:

    When I look for a basket to purchase for someone, I look to see that the contents fit the person’s personality and style. I look for items that can be re-used, and nothing that will ‘go to waste’. I look at colors, themes, price and design. I like to receive foods in a basket, such as candy, fruit, snacks, and crackers. A wine basket is nice, but can be expensive. I am not into spa baskets, as you never know what the contents smell like. I wouldn’t want to send something that stinks to a friend! lol. (You just never know.)

    Thanks for all the giveaways.

  62. Victoria Lester Says:

    I am a Halloween fan and it seems like so may others are as well. I would have to say putting together a Basket that would take on a Halloween Chacter would be interesting (ex. a Frankenstein or Ghost Basket) and add a few recipes or how to craft book in the basket to add even more Hallowen Character to the basket. You could also add Halloween Horoscopes with snazzy little sayings – allow the customer to select a saying or they can have fun making their own and pick a Halloween Character to be placed on the card. Some customers like to customize so maybe for Halloween you can allow your customers to add their own little treats to the basket. I’d also add a few Extra Craft Paper Halloween Design Decorations that they can select as well to make their own Specialized Halloween Basket. For those who opt. to be basic Halloween Basket customers – you can have some pre-made Halloween Baskets made up (which of course will be special as well).

  63. Alisa Skinner Says:

    Baskets are one of my favorite gifts to give. Quality products are obviously important, but I also look at variety, functionality and style. Personally, I look for gifts that are both usable and a little indulgent. I love giving gifts that a person would love to have but would never buy for themselves. (Ex: hand-painted champagne flutes with chocolate dipped strawberries for an anniversary) The person receiving the basket should feel special.

  64. Jennifer C. Says:

    Organic Baskets with organic food treats and other items would be a great addition too!

  65. Lois Wick Says:

    I would like to see a basket that would contain some wine, food, and spa treatment. A few scented candles would be nice! When you get done with a week full of work, running the kids to their activities, you would like to relax the tub and have your wine and treats! I love the different baskets that you have!!! Thank you very much for offering these give-aways in this economy of hard times.

  66. Jennifer C. Says:

    Gift cards are also a nice addition inside a basket! It’s a nice gift when you want to give someone something thoughful and then something they can choose for themself!

  67. Lois Wick Says:

    I would like to suggest a basket that would be geared towards women who have hard days at work and running the kids to their activities. You should have a basket that has wine, food, candles, and the spa treatment. This way they can relax in their tub with your products. Thank you for giving away your baskets in this economy. Someday I hope I I’ll get a chance to win!

  68. Paulette Says:

    Yum! But for me, the best part of a gift basket is the inventiveness shown in putting it together. The surprises and the connections. I love making them, I love getting them! This one looks absolutely beautiful.

  69. 1800baskets Says:

    Hi All, sorry for the delay. We picked the winner, but didn’t post it. 😦 We will post in 2 minutes!

  70. 1800baskets Says:

    Okay winners posted Above. Yup, that’s winners plural. We gave a surprise gift basket to the 1st poster… 🙂

  71. 1800baskets Says:

    By the way everyone, as we’ve said frequently, we love this feedback and we literally get jumping up & down excited about it. The amount of feedback we’ve received on our blog is just tremendous. We received so much advice that was all over the place when we started our blog. Some people said to do this. Some people said to do that. And some people said to do this & that. But the one piece of advice that resonated with us was to LISTEN. Listen to your customers. Don’t just read their comments, don’t just pass them along to some other department. But instead read their comments and understand them. Then reread them and make sure you understand them. Then enjoy them! Because comments from customers, especially negative ones are amazingly helpful. Why? Because our goal is to improve, and negative comments point out things we can improve upon. The positive are invaluable as well. They tell you what you’re doing right. Sometimes we are working on a specific type of satin bow with a specific type of artwork on the back of the ribbon or a new material for a gift basket with a pattern & design we have not tried before and it resonates with the customer. So yes, we can simply look at our sales #’s and see okay this basket is selling well. People like it. But that’s not enough. Why do they like it. What emotion does it convey to them. What occasion would they feel comfortable gifting it for. These are questions that are highly relevand and we take seriously. And that is why we ask for your feedback. Thank you. 🙂


    When I receive a gift basket I love to see really colorful items. Bright colored candies, decorated cookies and cakes. Pretty ribbons attached are a nice add-on. All of this put in a really nice basket maybe decorated with painted flowers on it. I’m always looking for a fun and festive decor when I receive a gift basket. I want to be excited when that basket comes.

  73. Patti D Says:

    For me, a gift basket MUST be something that says “I know you and felt this is perfect for you”, not a cookie cutter anything goes.
    It has to say something for that occassion as well, not just something thrown in a basket that could be for anytime…and lastly- the “basket”, or what it’s set in, must fit.
    If it’s for a guy- it can’t be in a frilly, intricately woven basket…is he really going to reuse that?! Naaaa, for a guy- a mini cooler, a mini tool chest- you get the picture!

    Then- there has to be quality for what is in the baskets. I am giving a basket that is representing me, and the company for that matter! If it has soaps, candles or something scented, you bet I want that scent to last! If it’s chocolates, or candies, I definetly want it to be remembered!

    Sorry if this is lengthy. I have been at this for many years and know what I like (and don’t) now. It all boils down to quality, presentation and being unique to the individual- which makes it all memorable!

    *stepping down from the soapbox now and leaving it for the next one*

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