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Spa Gift Basket + Mint Meltaways Party!

July 20, 2010
Apres Rain Spa Gift Basket

Apres Rain Spa Gift Basket

The Source Vérité Aprés Rain Spa Basket Gift experience completely revitalizes both body and mind with the exuberance of a cleansing rain. Fresh and energetic, charismatic green top notes are blended with delicate, spicy-sweet bergamot. A dewy breeze hints of white lilac and rose, while intoxicating exotic jasmine with earthy moss notes refines the scent. This lovely premium spa collection includes body mist, body butter, sand scrub and much more. They’ll love it. Our lotions and gels are made exclusively in the U.S.A.

Let us know what you think about this gift basket that our talented Product Designers created inside our Melrose Park, IL Design Room! We’ll randomly pick 1 person who posts a comment below and send this new creation to them along with Fannie May® Mint Meltaways! Yeah we know, a spa basket and delicious Mint Meltaways..good combination. 🙂

Current Party Status:
1) The “Suprise Gift” was awarded to “Jay” for being the first poster.
2) The 2nd prize has been awarded to “Monica Carbajosa”!
3) The 3rd and final prize has been awarded to “John Darrow”!
4) What’s the Prize: 1 Apres Rain Spa Gift Basket & 1 Milt Meltaways

If anybody’s searching, here’s an active coupon code: BSKTS15FB (15% off entire order)

Teacher Appreciation with a Luxurious Spa Gift :)

May 18, 2010

Good Afternoon! We’ve been thinking about Teachers and how “Teacher Appreciation Week” is great but just isn’t enough. Just like Moms, Teachers should be appreciated all year long. So we decided to write this post and invite parents to comment with teachers from their kids’ schools who they think deserve a luxuriuous, pampering spa gift from

We will randomly pick a few teachers and then send them one of our luxurious spa gifts! We will also hand write each teacher a letter (signed by our entire company) showing our appreciation for their dedication to teaching.